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School’s out for the summer!/Ice Cream Party!

Today was the kid’s last day of school! Both of them had this dance festival that they were in! My fourth grader, who we shall call Duckling, danced to the song “Thriller” with her classmates. My first grader, who we shall call Slothy, danced with her class in a circle, (I can’t remember the song but it was cute). After school, we went over to Wendy’s for kid meals and frosties! Then we all went over to a sweet gal’s house in the neighborhood for a Homemade Ice cream party/water fight! We all had a great time!
My hubby comes home tonight! YES! It has been an especially LONG two weeks!
My vacation on the East Coast officially starts June 17th! YEAH! We will visit my Dad who lives in Phila,PA and my mom who lives in Virginia! (Dan is not going due to the fact he has an AWESOME job and wants to keep it, doesn’t want to do anything to ruin that “great job”.)
I am actually writing now. I have almost 5,000 words written. I have decided if I can write about 1,000 words a day, I can have a novel in about 3 months(90 days). Sound good? I’m excited!!!
Also for all you people who like reading LDS romances Here are a couple you should try.
Michele Ashman Bell’s “Forever Love” series (There are three of them)
Josi Kilpack “Surrounded by Strangers” She had a new one called “Lemon Tart” that looks good too.
Annette Lyon’s book “Lost Without You”
I found out that the books I read by these authors are among the first books they wrote!
I LOVE it! I found a few things I would change but for the most part I enjoyed each of these books throughly. (It even made me want to write! How’s that for good?)
Thanks you all for continuing to write! Hopefully someday soon I will be published with you all too!

I survived this week & AND I am still alive! (The children are alive too and that’s saying something…LOL)

Hi y’all!
I still am here. I have been following all of you and reading and commenting. I have had a busy week! This marks the first week done I completed WITHOUT my husband. (He is in St. George UT, started a new job at the beginning of the week and left me here) Some one has to stay here–the kids need feeding, not to mention the cats and the darling children I mentioned–they are NOT even finished with school yet. They finish May 29th! Also that is my honey’s first paycheck! YAHOO! Although in all honesty it probably is already spent with our cars needing fixing.
I thought this would be hard. Ya know being without the man I love until I finally find a place so we can ALL live together—IT’s not that bad. I take great pleasure in the friends I have made in this great bloggy world and also on the OUTSIDE world. Thanks! Just being able to come over within a minute’s notice helps my day out ALOT! Thought I might turn into a hermit this week. I didn’t. I like people just too darn much.
Next week, Me and the kids are going to Wolfcreek (A condo his parents have in Eden UT) to relax and enjoy ourselves. YEAH! A vacation!
Thanks y’all! I am definitely alive still.


Recently I have been thinking about the friends I have made recently and the friends that I have made previously. I am grateful for true friends that stick by you through and through and just because things get rough they still stick by you. Good Friends NEVER leave you. They are not two faced, and they are happy sometimes to just sit and hang with you—never wanting anything in return.
I am grateful for the friends I have made in Provo. You know you are. I realize that there are people like me with the same troubles AND it’s okay. Cause hey we all got through some things eventually.
I am also grateful for this new group of friends I have made through blogging. WOW! You people are great! I never knew such a community existed among women. I LOVE it. You are also a strangth to me also.
Going through this journey of life with good friends by our side makes things a WHOLE heck of a lot easier, doesn’t it? 🙂
Thanks again y’all!!

Amazing MMB giveaway!

Some of you may think I have gone alittle crazy with giveaways lately. Recently it has paid off though. I have won a couple of books and some concert tickets to see Marvin Goldstein and others perform.YEAH! Just goes to show ya 33 years of entering giveaways–some day it does finally pay off. I have never won a car though. Someday. Someday though.
Anyway check this out, you can not only win a pedi party for you and your friends but you can win some books, some preschool curriculum stuff, AND a whole bunch of stuff. A MOTHERLOAD of stuff is how the giveaway put it. So tell all about it.
You never know…you might be the next winner!!!!!
Check out: Mommy Mormon Blogs GIVEAWAY!

Thank you! Thank you! & Correction!

It came to my attention that Critical Mass already received the Lovely Blog award from Attic girl Like Duh…Attic girl gave her the award.I have a different blog to announce the most lovely to…..

And the most lovely award goes to:

A mommy’s musings!
Sorry I thought I read through all of Attic girl’s blog award winners before I awarded mine. You should feel good Critical Mass—you have ALOT of fans! 🙂

I recieved my FIRST EVER “Lovely Blog award” from Attic Girl! I think this is terrific news! Not only does that make my day but I finally get to give the same Lovely blog award away to all of you that I am reading! YEAH! (I’m kinda new at this and I was wondering how all this blog award stuff worked out.) My friend, Attic Girl (link to her amazing blog above) said she got a lovely blog award from Kelly. So I indeed checked Kelly out. Awesome stuff. I am following her as well. Here’s her blog too–Mom of 3 boys!
Here’s my award:

Attic Girl says to keep the Blog award ALIVE to pass the same award on to 15 different people. So here it goes people in no particular order:
1-Definitely Debilyn!
2-The Adventures of Supermom!
3-A MAY zing!
4-Through the Eyes of Insanity and Bliss!
5-If you give a Mom a Moment. . .
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13-Cream of the Crop
14- A mother’s musings–Link is above!
15- Mean Mommy Academy~!

WHEW! There certainly are a lot of you! And even more still! Can’t I just find a blog award somewhere or even create one myself for those really super blogs out there?
Cause I mean I’m telling you–You people are so funny–You crack me up! Also very witty, inspirational, and friendly! So thanks for stopping by and checking me out!

*AHEM* I’d like to thank the little people. . .
Mainly my sweet Buppy who is sweet and quiet (most of the time) and lets me comment on all of your cool blogs!
And of course my other rugrats as well–Duckling for being patient with me and waiting to use the computer, and Slothy for helping me with Buppy.
Thank you for continuing to read me! My blog is mainly an attempt to stay in touch with old friends and make new ones as well! (A little complaining never hurt anybody did it–Sometimes you all might find some complaining as well)

So Thanks!
Please accept your award by posting it on your blog and giving this same award out to 15 others! It would be kinda neat for me if I could have maybe one of you to post my cute button on your blog as well. It’s new–I might change it later…but for now it’s all I got. Also let the person know they recieved the award by leaving them a comment on their sweet blog! (Everybody LOVES comment love!)
(If any of the links don’t seem to work–please let me know and I will fix it!)

And now to contact ALL these wonderful people….! 🙂

Just me and my neurosis’s………I love you Fuzz!

Well-I debated about writing and telling you all about this. But I need some help here you guys. Well I’m sure now you all know that I have 2 cats. I usually don’t let Mama cat out unless it’s supervised. (saving up money to have her fixed) Anyway I did it this morning. I let her out unsupervised (she has a collar) and I hope she comes back. I love that stinky cat. She started out a stray cat outside that we loved and fed and then we found out she was preggers and we brought her inside. It would break my heart if she didn’t come back. I love her so much. I also have a kitten—although I’m not sure I’m letting her out just yet. Kittens could get hurt. Fuzz (mama cat) can at least defend herself from evil. So there you have it…I cut the apron strings, so to speak and Fuzz is outside. Hope she comes back. Or my next entry will be very, very sad.
Peace out y’all!

Additional link about Flip flops! Snopes update!

Check this link out on Snopes. It is definitely true but it happened nearly 2 years ago! We still should be doubly careful about things made in China though.

My sister in law sent this in my email this morning. I usually don’t read emails like this but this intrigued me because it was about Wal-mart and I buy a lot of my summer shoes at Wal-mart. I wanted to make everyone aware lest they want to buy any flip flops from Wal-mart. DO NOT BUT SHOES ESPECIALLY FLIP FLOPS FROM CHINA!

Here is what I found in my email.


This is very true I heard it in news from one of our local radios here that our govt has to be extra careful on these cheap imports from China especially clothes because the Chinese are using some strong but cheap chemical in their manufactures.

If any of you reading this has heard something else and this is false, please let me know! otherwise–Consider yourself warned!

Who wouldn’t want to win a Toshiba labtop?

I was blog lurking and came across an incredible giveaway. Some gal is giving away a Toshiba labtop to some lucky winner. She has over one thousand comments on her site? Have any of you had over one thousand comments on your blog? I am just happy for the 34 people who have taken a chance and decided to read me. But 1000 readers? WOW!


So what are you waiting for now? Please sign up today cause it won’t last long. I think the giveaway ends 5/22.

What a weekend!

First of all I want to say THANK YOU to the gal,Insanity Kim!! I won some pretty cool earrings!!! YES! Thank you so much!

Second order of business: My husband had a job interview on Friday in St. George. He sent the resume last week and they emailed him back telling him that they would be looking at his resume. Anyway, the interview obviously went well because they offered him a job!!!! Unfortunately, the job is in St. George Ut, and we live in Provo (about 4 hours away). I am excited and saddened at the same time. I have met some pretty cool friends in Provo. Fortunately though for me the COOL ones I have met also have a blog:) YEAH! Excited because my hubby finally found a good job that is wiling to pay him decently!!!YEAH! And it has benefits. Instead of moving right away we will continue to stay in Provo AND Daniel will work in St.George and stay with his parents during the week and come home on the weekends. (his parents live in Cedar City.) My blog will not die don’t you worry….:)

Third order of buisness: Was there a third order of buisness? I can’t remember. If I remember the third order of buisness I will set up another blog entry. SHEESH…my memory is failing….

Thank you ALL who continue to read me and support me. I appreciate ALL your comments and I LOVE getting to know you all.

Sweet Mother’s Day Giveaway!

If you have daughters like me and you worry about them having enough confidence to face this world we live in now, you should definitely check out AWESOME GIVEAWAY FOR MOTHER’S DAY!

She is giving away a book entitled “Women of Virtue” by Jodi Marie Robinson. She also interviewed this sweet author on her blog! So very cool! Come check it out! It can also make a marvelous Mother’s day present or just a great book to have in your home for you and your young daughters to read.