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YES to Debbie’s comment

I commented to your comment Debbie but I am not sure if you will be able to know that I responded. So I am making a new post to y’all. Yes Debbie you can add me to your list of bloggers or whatever it is. I am following your blog. Your updates are amazing! I love to read your awesome poetry and everything that goes on in your life.

Well I am sure you have heard enough about me talking to my great friend Debbie Davis! She came to see me when I was on the show Good Things Utah. Another thing to add to my blog. I was on television last year the day before Thanksgiving. You see there is this local TV show called “Good Things Utah” and I had the chance to interview one of the hosts. I interviewed Angie Larsen. If you are interested in seeing me LIVE on TV just type Alexes Covington Good Things Utah in any google search engine and you should be able to see my link! It was such an awesome expeience. Debbie Davis came to see me like I said before and also my sister in law Caryn Covington. Caryn took a picture of me with all the hosts with her cell phone, when she finally emails me the picture I will try and post it on here.

Well the children should be getting home soon. Lovely Lydia is still napping, that is why I can sneak in a quick blog right now. Thank goodness for sleeping children!

Thank you all for reading my blog and being my friend! I look forward to reading your blogs someday too! Jump on the blogging bandwagon too, It’s so much fun!