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NaNiWriMo contestant, Yup that’s me…

(This is my CRAZY ME. I registered for a Novel writing thing? WHAT? 30 days to write a novel?)
Well I did it folks. I registered for National novel writing month! I know, I am crazy. But I think I can do it you guys. I LOVE to write and have even outlined something to write about. 50,000 words is ALL I have to come up with. I think I figured just about 2,000 words a day. I can do that. EASY! (I hope so.) I’m excited. So cheer me on in November, ok? I promise NOT to neglect my blogging audience, ’cause I am a Blogaholic. Yes, I said it, I’m addicted. I’ll keep you posted, with a word count and EVERYTHING.

So I’ve been thinking, If YOU were to leave a treasure of yours behind because you had to leave your home quickly, what would you hide? (Assuming you would be able to come back and recover your treasure.)

I’m not sure what I personally would hide. I don’t really have any money to hide. I wear my wedding ring. Hmmm. What should I hide? Chocolate? That’d be good, except it melts. I’ll think about it.


In other news, Halloween carnival was tonight. My girls dressed up. My “A” was a Baliwood dancer. “M” was an Indian princess. And the littlest? She is a sushi.
So cute, and they are ALL mine.
Here’s some PICS…

I know, So cute, huh? I love the laughing and the drinking root beer! I swear my little “L” cracks me up every day.