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Giveaway CLOSED.

Ok. I know I have taunted you guys with a giveaway before. But this time, it is for real.

Who wants to win the DVD Planet 51?
First let me tell you who is in the movie. And by the way, this is a movie for both children AND adults.

You all know Dwayne Johnson? You know–“The rock?”
And John Cleese–he is a Monty Python star! These two comedians are hilarious!
Just with these two voice talents together the movie should be awesome! Jessica Biel (7th Heaven), Justin Long, Gary Oldman and Seann William Scott are also voices in the movie Planet 51.

Okay, Watch the trailer. I’m going to send you to a link in Youtube–because embedding was disabled by request but be sure you come back for details on how to WIN this AWESOME movie!

Okay. Maybe I won’t give you the link RIGHT away. Cause then you will be on You tube. And then how will I know you will come back? So I’ll tell you what you have to do to WIN this fabulous DVD Sony Home entertainment is giving away to one of MY lucky readers.

Okay, listen up people. Here’s what you have to do to win this fabulous DVD.

1. In the comments, tell me what you would do if you landed on a planet, and you were greeted by strange green people that did not look like you? What would you do? *Must leave a comment to be entered.* Please leave your email along with your comment so I know how to get a hold of you if you are my WINNER!

2. Follow me on Twitter–Aquamarine76.
(Following me on Twitter counts for 1 entry. Tweeting about this giveaway counts for an additional 2 entries! Use the hashtag #CB’sfirstgiveaway)
(If you don’t have a twitter account, you might be able to persuade me to let you write up a blog post on how you should be the one to win MY first giveaway. Something about how GREAT I am and how awesome the movie is…you get the idea. But you must link back to ME, for it to be a valid entry. And please tell me about the blog post you are going to write up for the giveaway.)

3. Let me know what you prefer to eat when you sit down to watch a movie with your family–popcorn OR candy. (Depending on what you choose, I will send some goody treats with your movie! OK?)

4. I also think just for the giveaway, you might want to follow me. Cause you want to know who wins right? So I’ll give you another bonus entry if you follow me too.
(For each bonus entry you do, leave something in the comments for me so I know how to count you, K?)
A quick recap–
You MUST leave a comment–What would you do if you landed on a planet and the people looked nothing like you?
Follow me on Twitter.
Candy or popcorn with your movie when you watch.

Follow me for an eXtra entry. Not required, but you might want to. (Cause I am so COOL.)

Extra entries-tweeting about the contest. 2 entries. (use hashtag #CB’sfirstgiveaway) and of course linky back to me in your tweet. Duh! ) LOL.
Writing up a blog post up on your own blog about giveaway if you don’t already have Twitter. (2 entries.)

Clear as mud what you have to do?
Okay–here’s the clip from YouTube (click on Youtube for trailer)

Then Come back here and enter! YAHOO! Cluttered Brain’s FIRST official giveaway. Time to celebrate!

Giveaway ends March 9, 2010 @Midnight EST unless I say otherwise.

Thanks for entering!!!

(All entries will be placed in a bowl and mixed around. Then I will choose one of the entries LIVE.
Yes, yes I will record myself picking an entry. If you want, I’ll let one of my pipsqueaks watch me so you don’t think I am playing favorites on the winner of anything. K? Sound fair?)
Now get to entering!

Disclosure: I was not compensated monetarily to write up this post. I just received an email to offer Planet 51 as a giveaway to my readers from Sony home Entertainment. I made up the rules for the giveaway. Just enter, K? It’s cool.