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Alright, Alright I’ll try this for a 250 dollar giftcard!

Now I am very new at this blogging thing. But many of you are not so new and can so very fancy stuff with your blog. Me I am just learning. I was looking at my favorite blog, (The MOM Nerd I have her button on my site) And she linked me to This Barking Mad website/blog. She is giving away a 250 dollar gift card if you figure out how to link 5 of your favorite blog posts on your own blog in a new post! Clear as mud? That’s what I thought too! Here goes nothing y’all! How will I ever learn if I never try and put forth the effort?
I hope I win! if I can’t win I hope Sharla wins! Good Luck to the both of us!
(Just so you know I think I figured the link thing out. Hopefully!

Here are my favorite blog posts.

All Kinds of Mothers


Awesome Deseret News Article

Coolest Blog ever!

Sweet Lydia

Awesome Deseret News article, Please read!

I also posted this on Facebook but did not get any comments. Please comment, Tell me what you think about this!

Deseret News
No mother really knows exactly what she’s doing

By Erin Stewart

Deseret News
Published: February 23, 2009

I love watching people’s reactions when I tell them I write a column on motherhood. Their stunned eyes go from me to my daughter, who is covered in chocolate, throwing a tantrum and biting my leg. They are confused, to say the least.

“It’s not an advice column,” I add quickly. “It’s more like an observational humor column. I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing as mom.”

And I can see the world making sense again to that person as they promise to read my next article.

But here’s the dirty secret that I’ve found out as a mom: I’m not the only one who is lost. None of us has any idea what we’re doing.

That’s right — all moms fake it.

Oh sure, we love to talk about the latest parenting book we read or the discipline method that works wonders for our child, but the truth is we’re totally clueless. If we do happen to stumble on a winning sleeping routine for our baby, a way to get them to eat or a trick to getting them through a grocery trip without complete meltdown, it’s sheer luck.

There are plenty of times when I am hit smack in the face with the realization once again that there is no manual for motherhood and so much of it is trial and error.

You know, errors like completely forgetting to feed my daughter dinner last Saturday because I was so excited to be going out on an actual date with my husband. I actually did my hair and actually took a pre-date picture and actually hired a baby sitter.

And when I got home at midnight, I realized I had also actually forgotten to feed my daughter.

I’m not proud of this by any means.

I know all you Super-Moms out there are gasping while you knit baby clothes and scrapbook in your child’s memory album. But come on, in your heart, you know kids are a guessing game and we’re all desperately trying to get it right without doing too much lasting damage.

Even the “experts” don’t get it right 100 percent of the time. At a seminar for mothers this month, I was reminded that all children are different, all moms are doing their best and what works for one family could be a disaster in another.

I sat in one class, for example, as a mother and entrepreneur of a parenting program told the audience how you should never punish a child. Never.

Rather, when your child sasses you and sticks out her tongue, you should hug that little child tight and tell her how much you love her and that because you speak with her in loving tones, she should treat you the same way.

I could tell several other women in the audience had the same thought as I did: “Umm … have you ever even met a 3-year-old?”

Down the hall, another mom/parenting method guru told eager mothers that you need to be firm in discipline, even using spanking if that is what will get through to your child. “Mary Poppins is gone,” she said.

I left the seminars feeling a little more confused than when I went in.

So what’s a mom to do when all the experts conflict, all the books come out with new editions each year proving the old ways were wrong, and every mom on the street has different advice on how to raise your kids?

For me, the answer is this: It just doesn’t matter.

Maybe you don’t follow the latest parenting method. So what? Maybe you haven’t mastered naptime. Who cares? Maybe you wake up every morning wondering how in the world you were allowed to take this child home from the hospital and praying someone will drop off that elusive motherhood manual on your doorstep.

It’s OK.

As long as your children laugh more than they cry, hug more than they hit and go to bed hearing “I love you” each night, I think you’re doing a pretty good job.

And that is my expert opinion.

Erin Stewart’s blog, Just4Mom, can be found Tuesdays and Thursdays at E-mail:
© 2009 Deseret News Publishing Company | All rights reserved

Sweet Lydia

I was hoping to the next post would be of sweet little kittens but darn it Fuzz has not had her kittens yet. All in good time I guess.
Well this morning Daniel and I were in our bedroom talking and sweet little Lydia had climbed onto the table and poured out the entire salt shaker and the pepper and started on the ketchup. She only had a little ketchup on her when I caught up to her. I immediately got my camera and started taking pictures of the mess! I love Lydia even though she is a turkey! A sweet turkey indeed!

All kinds of mothers

Well, I have to tell y’all something. I think our cat Fuzz (ya know the stray we started to feed cause its so cold outside) I think she is pregnant. Our neighbors kept on saying she is pregnant I just know it. I didn’t want to believe until I knew for sure. I checked the internet on symptoms of pregnancy and she has ALL of them. Well today I let her inside for alittle while because I wanted to pet her. She laid next to me on the couch and I gently rubbed her tummy. And would you believe I felt a kick! It was exciting because I had never felt anyone’s else’s tummy when pregnant! It was kinda cool actually. Since this will be her final litter and all (We are taking her to be fixed as soon as she is done being pregnant) I thought I should check this cat pregnancy out. WOW! It’s neat feeling little baby kittens inside her. I hope that doesn’t make me gross of anything. I am a mother. And in a couple of days…hopefully??!! she will be too. I am very grateful for the chance I have to be a mother everyday. It is hard but anything worth doing is hard. So this Valentine’s day I have a lot of love in my heart first and foremost to my husband for marrying me and making me a mother, next to my children who remind me everyday what love is all about, and to Fuzz the sweet mother to be who was smart enough to hang out on my doorstep for food. Thanks for reading.


Well I didn’t think this would be a possibility until my neighbors more or less confirmed my suspicions last night. I think Fuzz is preggers. They say you can tell cause she is only getting fat in the belly she’s basically thin everywhere else. Well, I’m not going to stop feeding her now. She needs my help now more than ever. So we’ll see in about a month or so if she gives birth to kittens or not. Will keep you updated with pictures as she has her babies!
It’s a good thing Fuzz is an outside cat and we have a garage that we can use for a shelter somewhat. Kittens should be fun for alittle while. Then we give them ALL away. Hope we can find them all good homes.
It’s Valentine’s weekend this weekend. What are you doing for your honey? Dan and I are going to an Elder’s quorum social at our church tonight, tomorrow there is a stake dance going on and then Saturday the blessed day of the sweethearts who knows what we will end up doing? Enjoying our time together. It has been almost 12 years since we have been married. I’m still glad I married such a wonderful man.

Our outside cat Fuzz

Coolest Blog ever!

I probably shouldn’t be talking too loud about this blog because the author gives out giveaways and if you sign up it might lessen my chance of winning. Oh well, such is life if YOU win,) I liked it so much I just had to blog about it.
A little introduction about the author. This is how I know her. If you can follow this—The author Sharla is my sister in law’s husband’s sister. Make sense? My sister in law is Emily her brother is Aaron and thus Sharla is his sister. Wow, Sometimes I get tired just thinking about it. Anyway her blog is called Momnerd. Doesn’t really talk a lot about her family– just her thoughts and musings and really cool giveaways, I’m really not doing her blog any justice so if you just click on the button that says Momnerd it should guide you to her site. It’s an awesome thing! I stumbled on Sharla on Facebook and WOW! I was definitely reeled in in short order.
So this blog is all about advertising and it looks like she might be making some money off her blog with the buttons she has posted. She says she is not creative in the slightest but I believe she is. She is unbelievable! I can’t wait for an update, but I love reading blogs in general so I LOVE all updates anyone puts up.

Life is okay on the home front. Daniel is busily looking for a job and getting our car to pass inspection so we can register it officially. Also taxes are getting filed today. Hopefully we will receive that refund so we can get a minivan. There is one near us that I would LOVE to check out! Our precious cat is still with us. Fuzz is her name. I’ll post a picture later.

So if the author of Momnerd pops up and leaves a comment, I will be very impressed. She is really a good blogger. I’ll be keeping my eye out for you. No not in a creepy way or anything, don’t get scared.


My immense apologies to you all for posting such an amateur video of myself. I was only trying to express my beliefs and opinions and evidently it came out all wrong. I guess I need to work on this video stuff. My husband said it sounded self righteous and that I had a stick up my butt. I honestly had no idea. I pulled the video from youtube. If you didn’t get a chance to see the video, consider yourself lucky. It wasn’t that good. I still do believe that Marriage is ordained of God, but expressing that to people of other faiths that might watch it, i’m not any good at stuff like that. I’ll just find a referral on There are tons of them there. Mormon messages express their ideas very eloquently. I’ll keep watching and maybe someday I will be able to speak as eloquently. As for now, it’s just me.
Until I write again–Adios!