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Merry SITSmas POST to all the SITSA’S and new followers and anybody that drops in…;)

First of all, I’d like to say if you are not familar with the SITS girls–You must live under a rock…Well, just in case your living space doesn’t get that much air, I will leave you a link to SITS.CLICK HERE FOR THE THE SECRET IS IN THE SAUCE(SITS).

Hope you are comfy. Here’s some hot chocolate in case it is cold where you are.

Here are some of my resolutions and wishes for 2010.

1- Continue to write and edit my Nanowrimo novel. Work on the rest of my stories too.

2- Be a inspiration in the Blog world as well as the real world. Dwell on the positive things in this life and NOT the negative so much.;)

3. Perhaps some more followers? I promise to entertain and make you laugh…;)i probably will even return the follow–providing your blog isn’t a real drab…;)But I bet if you are here visiting mine than you probably are fantastic!!!

4. Lose weight. I actually think I have lost weight this season. But I don’t really have a working scale so…Phooey on actually getting on the scale…Let’s just say I lost the weight.:)

5. Develop better relationships with my fellow blogger buddies as it is now. I think I might calm down on the follows and cultivate some goodness with my peeps right now. YOU ALL ROCK!!! I mean it, I really do.

6. Lastly, I will continue to vlog. I love getting in front of the camera and talking at all of you. It gives you guys a voice to go with my words and it breaks it up for me some because then I don’t have to type up a post. (Yeah, I can be lazy like that.)

And now for your entertainment may I present some of Santa’s reindeer and elves..

I hope EVERYONE has a MERRY Christmas and a HAPPY NEW YEar!

May all your New year’s goals that you make be worthwhile!

Cheers to my SITSA’s! 😉 (And my very merry followers…;)