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Late night Monday thoughts…

(If my cats read my Naniwrimo novel, I’m calling Ripley’s believe it or not! And then they can edit my novel…LOL!)

First of all, THANK YOU to all who signed up thus far for my blog party!! You all must want to meet some new bloggers! (Psst. So do I. I love making new friends and meeting new blogger buddies is so much fun!)

So far, I have:
Amber Page Writes

Marilyn@ A lotta loves…

Ms. Bibi @ Finding the pot of Gold

Davis Family


Did I miss anybody? There is still more time if you would like to meet some NEW bloggers out there. It’s a great chance to meet friends so SIGN UP TODAY!

Okay. Now that we have that over with Let’s get on with today’s post. It is probably not going to be too long ’cause I have been writing today. First 2,539 words written on my novel today!!! It is getting good. I have an antagonist and a protagonist and a character thrown in to make the “treasure hunt” be a LOT harder.

Feeling confused? My story is basically about a girl who discovers a family secret–that has been a secret for several generations. 🙂

When I get to a good excerpt, I’ll post some of it online, maybe if you are good.
I wouldn’t want any of you to go behind my back and publish it now…So prove your goodness first.

Other than getting in my required amount of words today, I took the kids to the park, went to the grocery store, and picked up some more research for my novel. I’m beat. We came upon a little unexpected financial windfall today. (Yeah. Bills are paid and we have enough to purchase a small labtop.) We desperately need one. We have 4 people fighting over the one we have. ACK! I am the ONLY one who had a legitimate use to it of course, since I am writing the novel…LOL!

I’m excited! We will be getting the new labtop tomorrow.

That’s about it. I’m tired and need to get up early tomorrow to write some more.

Good night folks! (And if you are reading this in the morning, Good morning! I hope you have a most pleasant day.):)

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