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First Monday Mingle of 2010! YAHOO! :) JAN 4th,2010

Once again, Speedy has hosted Monday Mingle again. Anyone want to join in this year? It is WAY fun and you get to meet some neat people.

Other gifts we recieved–Lydia(as featured in the video) Play Kitchen
MY 10 year old– Tamagotchi and gum ball machine
MY 7 year old–Tamagotchi and Princess and The Frog Barbie
My hubby– Autographed CD by George Dyer (opera singer)
Me–Time spent with family–and a soft blue fluffy robe, so COMFORTABLE! 🙂

That’s it! Hope to see ALL the regular Monday Minglers this time….Love you all!
And Newbies are always fun–What R U waiting for? 🙂 (I just danced to the YMCA without music. It doesn’t get any worse than that…HA!)