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Pretty productive? You be the judge…

This week I have been pretty productive. I canned 18 pints of applesauce, 7 quarts of peaches, 5 half-pints of peach jam, AND 2 half-pints of Chocolate-Rasberry jam. Plus before the canning spree, I mopped the kitchen floor and cleaned my kitchen! The only thing I did not get done was a chance to write. Maybe I’ll do some free-writing today and see how it turns out.

I’ve also commented on a few more blogs and found some more of you to follow. YEAH!

I totally nailed a Squash Soup recipe and made it for my family. I also made Taco Soup which turned out to be a hit also.

I made Zucchini brownies yesterday with frosting. (I hardly ever make frosting.)

I also finished my book review for the book I just read. (The review will coming out November 16th.

Halloween Costumes? My 7 year old wants to be a ballerina and my 10 year old? She doesn’t want to dress up. (Maybe I can change her mind.) You guys have any ideas for her costume? I have NO idea what my 2 year old should be either. Ugh! Any ideas for her??

My 100th post is coming up. Yes I believe technically I am probably already past it but I am considering what to do.(I LOVE celebrating!) I am thinking of sending a few of my favorite things out to a lucky reader of my blog. (My favorite things are chocolate,body spray, lotion, AND magazines….I am a magazine junkie.) What do you guys think?

I think that wraps up my week. How was your week?