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Boo!! It’s Me! Happy Halloween y’all!


I found out of the Monster Mash movie thing from Adventures of Supermom! I’m not as tech savvy as her, I couldn’t figure out how to embed the image into my blog–so please indulge me and go to the link! THANKS!!!


MY FIRST Blog party EVER!


Okay. I’ve been reading. And there are some really cool bloggers out there. Some of them even have blog parties or feature bloggers on their blog–If I named them all then this post would just be a bunch of links and WHO wants that?
Ok. Maybe. If you are good. I’ll let you in on the secret.

YA-YA stuff AND Smell the coffee, Lisa recently participated in a blog party. Well I missed it. DARNIT! So since I missed it, I thought I would host my OWN blog party. I recently have gained a few NEW followers AND bloggers who would like to get to know more people AND people who just want to GET to KNOW everyone that is OUT there.
Ya-Ya and Smell the coffee Lisa got it from This is the story of a girl!
(Psst. I think that covers all the people…Just sharing the Linky Love. If I have forgotten anybody just let me know. I also stole some of the questions from her blog party too.)
So here’s YOUR chance:

If YOU want to participate in my FIRST blog party, First, answer some questions for me so I can get-to-know-you TOO! (Just copy the questions and post them on your blog. The more entries I have, the more blogger friends I can pair up so y’all can get to know each other.)

This is ALSO a chance to drive some traffic to your blog so come on and participate! What are you waiting for??? 😀


Either answer these questions (when I pair you up, you’ll ask each other) OR pick three favorite posts from the gal I pair you up with and link them up in your own post. Introduce your blogger friend on YOUR own blog, make it grand ’cause people will be reading…)
Clear as mud? Thought so, so let’s get started:I’ll start this Big OL’ BLOG party with a BLAM and answer these questions…

1. What is your favorite thing to snack on while you’re blogging? Hot Spicy cheetos…I love the stuff!

2. What is one thing you wouldn’t want to live without? MY computer…J/K! Probably my honey and my children…:D

3. Beach, Mountains or Farm? Where would you live if you had a choice? I LOVE the beach!!! I would totally want to live on the beach or at least NEAR a beach.

4. What’s your least favorite chore/household duty? Doing the dishes, Notice the stack of dishes in my kitchen…(AHEM! Yeah,yeah I’ll get to them later.)

5. Prefer parties and socializing or staying at home with the fam? Both. I like going out with the family to parties and get-togethers too!

6.Favorite movie? “While you were Sleeping”

7. Do you sleep in your make up or remove it like a good girl every night? Depends on how tired I am–When I wear my contact, I ALWAYS take it out.(And I only wear one contact–only ONE of my eyes can’t see…)

8. Where is your favorite place to shop? Hmmm. I don’t really have any EXTRA money right now–I like Wal-mart and TARGET though.

9. What’s one thing you’d do more often if you had more time? BLOG!!! LOL! HA!HA! (I do more than that already…) But really probably read. I LOVE to read romance and mysteries!!!

10. Are you a big spender or frugal? Probably frugal. I like my money people. Especially in THIS economy. Gotta SAVE EVERY penny…:D

OKAY. There ya have it folks!!! Did ya like it? If you want to know even more about me–50 THINGS ABOUT MOI!!!

Feel free to use some of the things I used in my 50 thing post too.
Whatever you feel like. I’m easy.

THIS BLOG PARTY ENDS NOV 5TH 2009 @ MIDNIGHT! SO PLEASE SIGN UP OK? :)I mean the sign-ups end then…ok?:)

NaNiWriMo contestant, Yup that’s me…

(This is my CRAZY ME. I registered for a Novel writing thing? WHAT? 30 days to write a novel?)
Well I did it folks. I registered for National novel writing month! I know, I am crazy. But I think I can do it you guys. I LOVE to write and have even outlined something to write about. 50,000 words is ALL I have to come up with. I think I figured just about 2,000 words a day. I can do that. EASY! (I hope so.) I’m excited. So cheer me on in November, ok? I promise NOT to neglect my blogging audience, ’cause I am a Blogaholic. Yes, I said it, I’m addicted. I’ll keep you posted, with a word count and EVERYTHING.

So I’ve been thinking, If YOU were to leave a treasure of yours behind because you had to leave your home quickly, what would you hide? (Assuming you would be able to come back and recover your treasure.)

I’m not sure what I personally would hide. I don’t really have any money to hide. I wear my wedding ring. Hmmm. What should I hide? Chocolate? That’d be good, except it melts. I’ll think about it.


In other news, Halloween carnival was tonight. My girls dressed up. My “A” was a Baliwood dancer. “M” was an Indian princess. And the littlest? She is a sushi.
So cute, and they are ALL mine.
Here’s some PICS…

I know, So cute, huh? I love the laughing and the drinking root beer! I swear my little “L” cracks me up every day.

Wordless Wednesday (Almost, as usual I can’t seem to keep my mouth shut…LOL!)

I did some baking yesterday. Can you tell? My sweet “M” is having her class Halloween party tomorrow. I decided to try my hand in Homemade Oreos. I tasted one. Mmm! They are oh so scrumptious! And this time, I won’t just leave a picture, I’ll leave you a recipe too. Just go to OREOS RECIPE!! Lolli at Better in Bulk, posted a most excellent homemade recipe. The only thing I would add is that I refrigerated my cookies before I frosted them. (It kept them from falling apart.)

And for those of us who don’t like to click everywhere for a recipe, here is the recipe for you, THANKS to Lolli!!
Homemade Halloween Oreo Cookies

Cookie ingredients:

1 box devil’s food cake mix
1 stick of butter
2 eggs

Directions: Mix ingredients together. Roll into small balls (I would have made the cookies smaller than Necco did in the video). Place on an ungreased cookie sheet and bake for 8-10 minutes at 350 degrees. After cookies have cooled completely, spread frosting on one cookie and sandwich with another.

Cream Cheese Frosting Ingredients:

2 Tbls of butter
4 oz. cream cheese
1/2 t vanilla
1 3/4 cups powdered sugar

Directions: Beat ingredients together until smooth, and then spread between two cookies.

I hope everyone has a Delightful Halloween!

What kind of treats have you been making lately??:D

What’s the LAST thing you do before going to bed? AND other Random stuff…

I wish I had something romantic to put here. But to be honest with you, I probably check my email and facebook. Pretty lame, huh? I just want to know I’m NOT missing out on anything before I go to sleep. Maybe one of you had a bad day, and that one comment will make you happy. And for Facebook, I like looking at pictures. So if any of you posted a new pic, I have to CHECK it out!

I thought I would try this FJ1W (For just one week.) thing from Erin. You see every so often she challenges herself for a week. I am going to try it this week. I want to change my bedtime routine. For just one week, I will kneel on the floor beside my bed and pray thanking my Father in heaven for getting me through another day. My prayer habits have been severely lacking, and I need to work on that.

Then I’ll check FB and Blogger. LOL. Probably not. Then I have to work on my husband to come to bed with me at a decent time. Lately he comes to bed after midnight. We’ll see how it goes this week. I’ll report on my labors next Monday.

This Saturday is Halloween!!! YEAH!!! Time to stuff our faces with the chocolate man! YUM-O! This year we are going to a Trunk OR treat at the church this year. It should be just as good. Any place serving hamburgers AND hotdogs and CANDY has got to be good right??

Hope everyone has a better wake-up than me. (My smoke detector woke me up because its batteries died.) UGH!

What are YOU doing this year for Halloween?

Inspired by Another Blogger…

So I was going through my dashboard and reading all the updates, and I came across YAYA stuff and she always posts her favorite colors on Saturday. I found a blue and purple sunset on Google that was beautiful I had to share…

I know pretty huh?

And one more…

I love Google images don’t you?
Oh and I almost forgot the quilt that I making is blue and purple too. (mostly purple anyway…:)

What was in my head last night during dinnertime…


Okay. Last night I was about to begin preparations for dinner a song came into my mind. First there was a lot of chorus then the song title…RUN AROUND SUE….

This is wierd because I did not grow in the 50’s. My parents did but I didn’t.
I think I shall blame this little song (which BTW STILL won’t get out of my head) on my Dad. He also used to listen to music from his Era when we were in the car together when I was a teenager.

So this post is to all you bloggers out there who have a song STUCK in your head for a while…
Here’s the link…Listen to it for me will ya?:D

Run Around Sue!

I hope everyone has a good weekend!!!

My first ACTUAL tag in Blogger land…Cool huh?


I think I did something on Facebook similar to this. But since Helen “officially” tagged me I decided to play along. Hopefully I will get someone to actually play along with me.:D

1. Where is your cell phone?
With my husband, he is gone for the day. (Yes, we only have one.)

2. Your hair?
Straight and Blonde

3. Your mother?
She is in Virginia, probably at work.

4. Your father?
He is at work in Pennsylania.(parents are divorced.)

5. Your favorite food?
Right now it is Pumpkin Bread….YUM-O!

6. Your dream last night?
I probably dreamed about the submission I sent to my critique group, Am I really good enough to actually be a writer?

7. Your favorite drink?
When I need caffeine, It’s Diet Coke, When I’m thirsty, Water, when I want something sweet, orange juice, AND when I have NONE OF THE ABOVE…there is always milk!

8. Your dream/goal?
My dream is to become a published Author someday.

9. What room are you in?

10. Your hobby?
Writing, quilting, blogging, laughing…:)

11. Your fear?
My fear used to be never EVER getting published. But I’m NOT gonna give up. I will keep writing and maybe one day, I’ll have a book. Besides that, probably EXTREME heights….

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years?
A published author, hopefully, and in a house of my very own…

13. Where were you last night?
In my bed sleeping soundly.

14. Something that you aren’t?
I AM NOT a sell-out! I will never sell myself short. This here is the REAL thing Amiga/Amigo!

15. Muffins?
Pumpkin Chocolate Chip or Blueberry.

16. Wish list item?
A NEW computer and a couple of Labtops…AND a blackberry phone.

17. Where did you grow up?
Richmond, Virginia

18. Last thing you did?
Checked my G-Mail account. I am addicted to getting and checking email. I LOVE to hear from my friends.

19. What are you wearing?
pajamas…No I haven’t showered just yet anyway.

20. Your TV?
In the living room, tuned to Disney channel for my little one…

21. Your pets?
Two cute cats, Fuzz and Mask.

22. Friends?
Many, we just moved here to Mesquite so I am working on making LOCAL friends… AND then there are ALL of you blogging buddies…:D

23. Your life?
Pretty darn good. I have my health a fantastic husband, and three beautiful daughters, What more could a girl ask for? (Diamonds and chocolate…LOL)

24. Your mood?
Pretty good AND kinda impatient ’cause nobody has put up a critique for my story yet.

25. Missing someone?
MY mom. I wish I could fly out to her right now.

26. Vehicle?
Red Mini-van…YEAH, I’m a Caravan Queen…LOL!

27. Something you’re not wearing?
Shoes. I HATE wearing shoes.

28. Your favorite store?
Hmmm. I like Target. And I would like Bloomingdale’s if I had an all expense paid shopping spree to that store…

29. Your favorite color?
Blue and purple. Is it a little obvious?

30. When was the last time you laughed?
Today, while writing this list. I amuse myself A LOT of the time.

31. Last time you cried?
2 days ago when my hubby and I had a fight. (All better now, we made up…in case you were wondering.)

32. Your best friend?
Right now I’d have to say Wendy 🙂 I have had LOTS of best friends though…another good friend I have is Ruth…And ABOVE everyone else… MY sweet husband!

33. One place that I go to over and over?
Wal-mart. I can’t help it. I live in Mesquite NV.

34. One person who emails me regularly?
Gwen. My writing group. My blogger friends…(Sweet comments that get sent to my email.)

35. Favorite place to eat?
Olive Garden…I LOVE Italian food.

WHEW! You got through the list. Now if you have ENOUGH guts and 15 or 20 minutes extra, Consider YOURSELF tagged. Maybe one or two of you will fill this out…Maybe? It will bring a bring SMILE to my face if you do….:)

Who thinks their a Scary Mommy? *Cue Manical Laughter* ME, That’s WHO! (LOL!)

FYI: Hey you all out there! I’m in! I’m linked up!!! YEAH! My Scary mommy post was NOT written in vain! Scary mommy just emailed me and apologized for the link problem. YEAH!!! Good news!

Dear Blogger Friends,
I need your help. You see,Scary Mommy is doing something awesome on her blog. She wants all of us mothers in honor of the new movie, Motherhood CLICK HERE FOR MOTHERHOOD TRAILER! that is coming out, to tell why we are scary mommies.

I have decided to tell you all what I think I am the scariest mommy of ALL bloggers.
But I need your help. Please leave a comment letting me know why you think I am a scary mommy. (And hey, if it leads you to write a scary mommy post of your own, Go right ahead, I’m really not that afraid.)

Without further ado, Here is my Scary mommy post! ENJOY!
AHEM! *Clearing voice*

I have been a mother for about ten years now. And let me tell you it doesn’t get any easier. I have made a lot of mistakes on the way. Here are some of my scariest moments.

I know I am a scary mommy when all I want to do is sleep in and ignore the crying and whining from the kid’s bedrooms.

I know I am a scary mommy when all I want to do is pull my hair out because those children of mine are fighting for the umpteenth time this evening.

I know I am a scary mommy when sweets is all I can prepare for dinner. “What about Pumpkin Chocolate Chip muffins for dinner kiddo? Mom’s tired, tonight.”

I know I am a scary mommy when hubby comes home from work and proceeds to kiss me and I say, “Will you just leave me alone? I have been mauled enough for one day!”

I know I am a scary mommy when it’s time to potty-train my two year old and I don’t want to ‘cause let’s face it, cleaning up poo and pee accidents is NOT fun!

I know I am a scary mommy when I let my children watch too much TV. (But I needed some time on Facebook and Blogger right?)

I know I am a scary mommy when I stay in my pajamas ALL day just because I am tired and I feel like it.

I know I am a scary mommy when I look in the mirror and wonder where my life went.

I know I am a scary mommy when I drive my kids to school in the morning in my pajamas and slippers.

I know I am a scary mommy when I find myself saying the same things my mom did.

I know I am a scary mommy when I find myself trying to reason with my ten year old over fashion! (She will never wear what I want her to wear!)

Last but not least I know I am a scary mommy because I *actually* think by writing a post about Scary Mommyhood I can win a Flip video camera. (I’m doing it for the kids right, ‘cause if I won the video camera I could record ALL their moments and preserve them for later. Like when their Prom dates come over.):):)

There you have it folks. Now head on over to and let her know who really is the scariest mommy…ME right?(I think you guys have to leave a comment over there too so I can win…OR whatever.It’s just a blogging game right? But I can win a Flip video camera..So please be kind ok!:)) Thought so. You guys rock!!

The whole "Bella" & "Edward" thing is lost on Me.

We all went through high school, right? I’m sure we all lost a love or two in the process. What’s that you say? You married your high school sweetheart?? Well, it could happen I suppose but not if your high school boyfriend is Edward from the Twlight books.
I mean don’t get me wrong,I like the Twilight series. I eventually got passed the whining from Bella, the decisions she made that were DUMB, her cluelessness about life…But let’s be fair here, she is a teenager. When we are honest with ourselves we can admit that we are A LOT smarter than our teenage selves. I often wonder what it would be like if I went back in time to my former teenage self and had a conversation with myself.

Older Me: So are you ever going to talk to M? I mean you have only been writing poetry to him forever.

Younger Me: If he finds out I like him, he will never like me EVER. It is safer like this.

Older Me: Then what about his friend, J? He seems to think you are beautiful. I mean that is his nickname for you.

Younger Me: J? You know what the popular people would say if I went out with J? you gotta be joking. Ha! Ha!

Older Me: And one more thing, You most certainly do NOT know everything! I know more than you ever will!

Just a thought. I was very insecure in high school. Back to Edward/Bella/Jacob.
Your love leaves you. He tells you he is doing it for you, he just can’t be with you right now, and he will ALWAYS love you but that he is going away and that you should not worry, AND…. (You get my point.)

Enter your best friend, who just so happens to be a guy. (A very good looking guy I might add.) “I won’t ever go away.” You and your best friend continue to hang out together until you find yourself falling in love with him. At first it was strictly friendly, but soon you come to realize it is he that you love.
Your “love” comes back. He says he is sorry that he left and he wants to pick it up where you left off. You and this guy best friend are really close now. You think you might be falling for him. Do you just leave your guy best friend for the so-called love that left you? (I wouldn’t. I would stand by the person who stuck by me through my tears, my lonelieness, my confusion.)

In essence, that is what Jacob did for Bella. And look at what he got for it. Bella chose Edward in the end. Who wants to cuddle up to something that is so cold anyway? I don’t get it. I just don’t get it.

All you Twilight fans out there, who did YOU choose and why?

All you NON-Twilight fans out there, I gave you the scenario. Would you choose the love that left you, or your friend you are starting to fall in love with?

I hope this picture won’t persuade any of you to turn to Jacob. But here, take a look.

Did any of you change from Edward to Jacob now? 🙂