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I’m Thankful For…

I am hooking up with Supah and letting y’all know what four things I am grateful for.

1. I am grateful for my computer. Because without it, I would not be able to write my novel, or blog, or email my friends.

2. I am grateful for other blogger’s memes. Because when I can’t think of a totally AWESOME original post to write (namely because I have novel brain and can’t think of anything else) I join in to other people’s ideas and link my post up to theirs. YEAH!

3. I am thankful for the compassion and generosity I am seeing in the blog world lately. Lots of people I know have blogged about Anissa Mayhew. (You know the blogger who had a stroke this past week.) I am impressed with all the support she is getting. Wow! I have yet to find out the page where her hubby is updating her condition. I am still looking. (I guess I was one of THOSE people who was not familar with her BEFORE the stroke…Yeah,yeah, I live under a rock…And that rock has a computer and I am writing a novel…:)) If any of you know where I can find updates, leave a link below for me in the comments, either that or email me. THANKS!

4. I am grateful for the area I live right now. Many of you know I have recently moved from COOOOOLD Provo, UT to SUNNY and WARM Mesquite Nevada. YEAH! I love warm temperatures and I hate getting cold.

5. Yes, I know I was suppose to end with four, but I got another favor to ask of you. Y’all know Supah Right? Well she is doing this AWESOME thing and she is helping raise money for an auction for friends’s son Jaden who is battling cancer. Now I know there are A LOT of you who are creative. If you knit, sew, quilt, bake, scrapbook, have connections to people who own stores, Ask these people to donate gift card for this auction. Or I guess you can donate a gift card personally. Or make something for FREE. Whatever you do, it is a noble cause. Just get out there and do it. Go to her blog, read about Jaden’s story and then decide to do something about it. And if you can’t do anything, you could pray for Jaden. Everyone needs an extra prayer or two this season.

Have a great weekend you guys! Love ya! MUAH!

P.S. Here is Anissa’s website! Hope for Pretty sure this is where the hubby gives updates. Go check it out!