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I’m just wondering how you guys do it. . .

(Thanks Google for the image as always!)

Hi ya fellow bloggers and moms!
I’ve been thinking a lot about my own blog, comments, laundry, dishes, Twitter, prep for dinner, kids needing help with their homework, vlogging, commenting on OTHER blogs. . .

You catch my drift?

I am feeling somewhat overloaded. I realize I am still getting visitors but I think they are coming more in the form of lurking then commenting. I get that.
Jeez. I mean I don’t have much time either.

I barely have time to come up with extraordinary posts half the time.

That’s why I end up using memes. Memes are good, but sometimes I realize I am using memes as a crutch. I’m not even writing anymore. I started this blog to hone my creative writing skills. And I have ended up in meme land.

I love Monday Mingle. I won’t be giving that up. I love Wordless Wednesday, nope not giving that up either. There is an interesting meme on Friday called Follow Friday I think I might try. (Kinda like on Twitter but in the blog world.)

So I have Mon, Wed AND Fri taken care of.

What about Tues and Thursday? They will be reserved for me and whatever I want to say on those days.

I feel like I am drowning in Blogland. I barely have time anymore (when I am being productive with my time) to comment on other blogs.

I will not give my blog up. I like the association. I like the people.

I like you. There I said it. I like you.

And obviously since you are here, you kinda like me too.

Admit it. You like my stuff.

Just leave me a comment and tell me I’m not alone. Let me know how you do it. How do you appear to stay on top of it all in Blogland and your house?

Even though blogging is fun, it IS hard to keep up with everything.

Have a wonderful Thursday! (Grey’s Anatomy is on tonight! YAHOO! Finally.)