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Happy NEW Year! Woot! Woot! It is 2010!

Since it is New Year’s Eve, I find it proper to wish all my friends a HAPPY New YEAR!
I hope 2010 brings you health,joy and happiness. It’s not easy to find all of that in one year’s time. But I do believe I have found it. (I hope my health continues to be better–cause in 2010 I am going to start back on the ole treadmill again.) December is a terrible time for me to exercise. All the shopping and wrapping and baking–UGH! I am tired just thinking about it.
(I really do love Christmas though. I am SICK of the tree though. So it comes down today. Hurray!)

Any-hoo, I hope all of you got the chance to read my FIRST movie review–“Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs”. Because sometime in January I hope to be giving this movie away to one lucky reader! CLICK HERE TO READ THE REVIEW!

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to be an all-around better person. I also don’t want to get caught up in the melodramas of life that so often seem to come upon us. I will face this new year with my chin up. Life is good my friends! I am very blessed everyday to experience this life.

To be a better person I will:
–continue to write EVERY day. (How will I ever write a novel if I don’t write…hmmm?)
–Exercise. (Must keep my physical body strong and HEALTHY.
–Laugh Often.

That about sums it up. I have more goals but I am certainly not going to post them all. I like the new year. But more importantly, I like the start of EVERY month. That way I can reevaluate my goals and find out if I really am achieving them. None of this annual goal renewal. I keep myself in check monthly.

HAPPY NEW YEAR my friends!
Be safe!


Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs–A review:)

My favorite part in the movie is when Flint makes ice-cream fall out of the sky in scoops. The children build snowmen, and then proceed to eat him. It is hilarious!

Hello? is anybody still out there in Blogland?
I am just dusting off my blog here–I have not been on much, I have been enjoying the time with my beautiful family. Yesterday, my family and I watched a fabulous movie–You might have heard it, “Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs.” I bought the book for my 7 year old six months ago. Then Sony Home entertainment came up with a fantastic idea for a movie–(Or at least they helped get the movie on.)

If any of you are out here, you might want to check out the trailer. Some of you may have watched it in the movie theatre. I didn’t get the chance to see it there. Last week, somebody contacted me about doing a review and a possible giveaway (the movie for one of my readers….YES! You heard me right.) I said, “Yes!! Please sign me up.” Sony Home Entertainment sent me the movie and I watched it last night with the Fam. It is awesome.

You know how sometimes you read a good book and then the movie comes out, you watch the movie and you find yourself saying, “The book was better.” Not true with this movie. “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” is very creative. My 2 year old even sat through the WHOLE thing. (And if it can hold the attention of my 2 year old and me it has to be good right?)

Don’t take my word for it. Watch the trailer. I’ll be back next week after Sony Home Entertainment comes back from their vacation. (Then I will know what to offer you guys.)

Enjoy this break with your families. If you are sick, I hope you get better soon. If you are healthy, I hope you are enjoying the time you have with your families. I really think this movie should be in your house. It is great. Trust me. 🙂

P.S. I promise I will back in 2010 with NEW and EXCITING posts for all of you! And perhaps a giveaway…Stay tuned for now…OK? 😉

Wishing all of you a Blessed and a Merry Christmas!

I am going to be spending the rest of this week with my family. My next post probably won’t be until next year–when the kiddos go back to school. Whatever you celebrate, I wish you a most happy holiday season with your families. Thanks for continuing to read my blog! I appreciate all of you that comment and read my blog!

P.S. When I come back I will have an exciting giveaway. You won’t want to miss it. (*Hint* It might contain a copy of the movie “Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs.”

Merry Christmas and have a safe and a HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2010! See you all next year with more BLOG fodder…:)

Just another random Monday Mingle from me..:)for December 21st!

I just wanted to let you guys know what I have been up too besides my usual blogging and commenting. I have been baking…Mmm!
Jennifer over at is still putting up a linky if you are so inclined to let her know what YOU have been up to. I realize I might be the only one but maybe I will be a trendsetter this week–and because of me you all will sign up.:) It’s worth a try right?
Take a look at all the delectable goodies I have been making. (It’s Sunday night when I made the video, because Monday we are going on some last minute shopping trips.):) We also make some more goodies to give away…:) Don’t YOU wish that you were my neighbor now?

Christmas–Pssst! It’s almost here!

This year I have been doing things a wee bit differently. I have been Christmas shopping since November. This is HARDLY like me. I am usually a last minute shopper. As in this weekend I would get all the kids loot at the store–the toys and stuff they are getting from you-know-who…the guy in the red suit. Not this year. I have been shopping a little here and a little there, and yesterday, Believe it or not, I am DONE! I got the children almost everything they wanted, and surprised them a bit too. (I even have stocking stuffers. And loot for the hubby too. YEAH!
The LAST week of Christmas is approaching! I don’t have to worry about presents or gifts. I think I should do this EVERY year. I love this feeling. Also I have been reading Christmas stories to the kids about service this year each night before Christmas. That has also gotten us in the Christmassy mode quite a bit. I think I might be baking today. Raspberry Thumbprint cookies, Fudge, White chocolate Coconut Walnut cookies, (NEW this year but sounded good) And anything else I care to bake this next week. I usually give away my goodies, or MOST of them so I don’t eat them all. 🙂

I hope this season brings you much joy and happiness this year. All I want for Christmas this year really, is for my kids to have a GREAT Christmas. 🙂 I’ll leave with a picture of the Gingerbread house we made a couple of days ago and my second daughter, she got her picture taken with Santa at school. The oldest didn’t want her picture taken. She was too KEWL for Santa pictures. Being in the 5th grade and all is KEWL..”Ya know, Mom?”

(The kids were actually interested in eating the candy that goes on the house this year–Hence there isn’t more candy on the house.)

Wordless Wednesday-Christmas Edition:)

Just a few of the many pictures I took of the kids for Christmas pictures this year…:)

P.S. A little sidenote, I am still here. Yesterday I spent the day cleaning my kitchen preparing it for the baking extravaganza I will be doing today. I will be decorating a gingerbread house with my girls and decorating sugar cookies with frosting. I will be around, just lurking in the shadows on your blogs…I hope you are enjoying the season!!!!:)

Monday Mingle DEC 14 ,2009

EIGHTY MPH MOM is hosting the LAST Monday mingle of the year 2009. Due to Christmas and families, so here is your LAST chance to sign up! YAHOO! So here is my LAST 2009 Monday mingle–(Can’t say this will be my last vlog for 2009…it may or may not be…I LOVE to vlog…)

The questions I had to answer are:
1. What are three things that are on top of my WISH list this year?
2. Do I have any special plans for the holidays? Going out of town?
3. What is my favorite holiday cookie?

Here it goes people!