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Ohhh. The life of comments in the bloggy world.

My friend, AJ, brought a point up to me in my last blog post. She left a comment on my post. It was the only comment thus far. She observed, that hardly anybody leaves comments on book reviews and she was going to leave a comment on my review just ’cause.
Thanks AJ by the way!

Which brings me to my next item of business. Comments.

Why do we comment on the blogs we read?

Here’s why I comment on other blogs.

1. To get to know the person as a blogger. By asking questions in the comment section you get to know the blogger as a person NOT just as some blog you read.

2. The blogger is funny. I comment. For example, “This post is hilarious! It brough tears to my eyes. Thanks for posting!”

3. The blogger is my IRL friend. Yup. That’s right folks. I have IRL friends that actually blog. YAHOO! IT’s so much fun to read their blogs.

4. I comment because I am a SITS girl. (SITS is a big supporter of comments.) Here’s their LINK if you want to check them out.

5. Monday Mingles. I try to comment on EVERYBODY who mingles with Jen over at I mean I participate to meet these minglers and learn more about them each week. It’s fun.

6. Cool giveaways going on a blog. I comment on these only when it is easier to sign up. I don’t like jumping through a MILLION different hoops just to be entered in YOUR giveaway. I’ll usually do about 3 things. Anymore, and I won’t bother with your giveaway.

7. Facebook/Twitter. If you use these popular programs and have a blog, I probably have noticed you and have gone to your blog. If you write good blog, I’ll comment.

I think that’s about it. Those are the reasons WHY I comment. Why do you choose to leave comments on other blogs? 🙂

P.S. And yes, like everybody in blogland, I heart comments. So leave a comment. It’s easy-peasy. I might even go and check your stuff out. 🙂

I’m going to put my book review post down underneath this one in case you are interested. K?

P.P.S. Never mind about that. The Monday Mingle post came up. OOps. Just check my archives on the right for the book review entitled “Missing” By Rhonda Hinrickson. Thanks!