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Sorry, can’t Blog right now–I am trying to make Nano deadline!

It seems to me all I have to do to gain followers is NOT post! I have gained 2 followers in the past two days. Wow. I must be good. I might just make Nano yet. I might be burning the midnight oil and I might look like this before I am done…

**Thanks to Google Images for the above image.**

I’ll be back before too long. Hopefully I will have 50 K too. Then we will have cause to celebrate. That and Christmas is well on it way. I had a wonderful fabulous Thanksgiving holiday AND I did NOT go shopping on Black Friday. (Yes, I was smart. I slept in my bed instead.) Back to writing AGAIN I say.

Thank YOU people you just followed me. I promise, I will have some really good posts in the future. (Just wait until AFTER Nano, Ok?)