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I’ve recieved another award! YEAH!!!

WOW. That’s all I have to say.

I have received yet another award to which I am most grateful. Hearts Make Families has given me the Best Blog award! I am totally amazed! I remember when I decided to start a blog in Jan 2009. I had like 15 followers and hardly any comments.

Today I have 99 followers and about 8-10 comments on each post. YEAH! (I must be entertaining you.)

I’m suppose to give this out to 15 other bloggers that I recently started following.
SHEESH! Let’s see if I can remember. Every blog I follow is entertaining in one way or another. It will be hard to choose just 15…I’ll try.

The rules for this award is just to mention that you got an award from me and link back to my blog. If you want to pass on the award, go right ahead. if you are too busy, just accept it. Enuf said. 🙂


A peek at Karen’s world! She was recently featured on SITS!

Pulsipher Predilections!
WAY Funny. You should at least check her out.

The Bingham Diaries! This girl definitely knows how to tell a story. Very funny. Friend her on FB. She is a riot!

Wrestling with Retirement. Her Halloween post cracked me up! Definitely for a mature audience but very funny….;)

Ya-Ya! She was featured on SITS too and her favorite color is orange. Check her blog out! It definitely is pretty.

Headaches, Hormones and Hot Flashes So stinking funny!!!

Life of a Tater Tot mom. Besides having a great blog name, she has entered in Naniwrimo like me. Just leave her a comment to wish her luck this month on reaching 50,000 words.

Amber She participates in Supah Mommy’s post it Tuesday so she has got to be cool, right?

Adventures of Supah mommy Great Header! Awesome blog.

That girl Blogs. Funny. I love her. She always makes me laugh.

Mama’s losing it. She has awesome writing prompts.

Life as Lori Great colors again. Love her blog. It’s definitely real. I probably found her from SITS.

Amber Page writes! Enuf said. She writes, how cool is that??:)

Marilyn @ A lot of loves Cool blog and she joined my blog party!

These are only 14. I can’t think of a 15th one and I have to contact all these people so I’m stopping now. Okay? Plus I have a blog party to plan, I gotta stop.
WHEW! There ya have it folks. 15 is a long list. (Kinda..I cheated I stopped at 14…) But I did it.