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What’s the LAST thing you do before going to bed? AND other Random stuff…

I wish I had something romantic to put here. But to be honest with you, I probably check my email and facebook. Pretty lame, huh? I just want to know I’m NOT missing out on anything before I go to sleep. Maybe one of you had a bad day, and that one comment will make you happy. And for Facebook, I like looking at pictures. So if any of you posted a new pic, I have to CHECK it out!

I thought I would try this FJ1W (For just one week.) thing from Erin. You see every so often she challenges herself for a week. I am going to try it this week. I want to change my bedtime routine. For just one week, I will kneel on the floor beside my bed and pray thanking my Father in heaven for getting me through another day. My prayer habits have been severely lacking, and I need to work on that.

Then I’ll check FB and Blogger. LOL. Probably not. Then I have to work on my husband to come to bed with me at a decent time. Lately he comes to bed after midnight. We’ll see how it goes this week. I’ll report on my labors next Monday.

This Saturday is Halloween!!! YEAH!!! Time to stuff our faces with the chocolate man! YUM-O! This year we are going to a Trunk OR treat at the church this year. It should be just as good. Any place serving hamburgers AND hotdogs and CANDY has got to be good right??

Hope everyone has a better wake-up than me. (My smoke detector woke me up because its batteries died.) UGH!

What are YOU doing this year for Halloween?