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Now that is what I am "talking" about!

Okay. Who likes money?
Who likes to meet people? (This means nice people. Not the crabby people that are rushed and stressed, the kind you find in Wal-mart with a million groceries.)
Who has a webcam?
Who has a video camera?
Who is NOT afraid to record themselves answering my questions on this NEW website I found called Sayitfacetoface???

Well–I have some news. I am hoping everyone that visits me here is not a chicken.
This website is holding a contest in January.
First, I’ll tell you what you can win.
FIRST Prize: 150 dollars!
SECOND Prize: 100 dollars!
Third Prize: 50 dollars!

Who couldn’t use some extra cash in January? Maybe for a Starbucks coffee?
Maybe for something for your computer? Think about it.

This is what you have to do. Go to this website I mentioned above, Say it face to face. Find me. I believe you will be able to. I have some conversations started already. Find one you like and reply in video (Please?) to my conversation starter.
The person with the most replies wins some money.

Okay. Still not with me?
If you can’t bring yourself to record yourself LIVE, do you have any questions or conversation starters you want answered? I’ll ask them on your behalf. Just leave them in the comments below.:) You want your traffic to drive up on your blog? I’ll help you achieve that. (Psst. Leave me some video responses on sayitfacetoface…)

Here are some questions I have asked already.
Why do you live where you live if it so cold there?
Why do you vlog?

I have answered several questions in video form.
How many people are in my family unit?
Have my children gotten cavities before?

I have even sung without music over there to one of my favorite Paula Abdul songs. Just one verse. I didn’t want to scare people away with my singing. And it was just one song.

So could you help a girl out? You could win something too!
If you want to know more details, Go to the website,! and find out more. (Susan and Janice are the founders of the website, sisters who started this last summer.)

What are you waiting for? Go watch me! Most of the videos are under three minutes, so it shouldn’t take too much of your time. The SHORTER the better….I mean who wants to listen to me go on and on for 15 minutes?

I might be tempted to offer a giveaway to my readers who respond to me on this fabulous website. Think about it. This is a NEW year! 2010! Let’s break out of our comfort zones and meet some GREAT people! Okay?

Alright! Let’s go!

And “Happy Recording!” 🙂

Disclaimer:I was not compensated in any matter to tell you about this contest. Just something I thought of. I will be THRILLED if any of you stop by and film a response for me though. That would be reward enough for me. Oh, and don’t forget the money they are offering. Yup. Can’t forget about that.