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Check me out on the Blog Frog community!

I posted this on my blogger blog already, but I just wanted to let you all know, I started a discussion on Blog Frog community today. Please, this post is for all those experienced Blog Frog people, I need some hints.
I need ALL the help I can get in this blogging area.
Blogging is a busy business, isn’t it?
Please take a minute and comment here if you wish too. I know, I changed the theme yet again, I just can’t make up my mind.
*sigh* Bear with me, ok? Thanks! Have a GREAT Saturday!
Blog Frog Discussion

Friday Fragments!

I decided to join up with Half past kissing time
AND join in on the Friday fragment fun.

Random Fact #1- I took the plunge and joined WordPress. I like it. I’m still learning about how to add linky love and such. Eeek! It’s a good thing I still have blogger. Blogger is still my friend. My best friend. WordPress is just an aquaintance thus far.
I am hoping I will be able to make a run of it.

Random Fact #2:
I made really yummy cheesy macaroni casserole the other night. The weird thing? My 7 yr. old didn’t like it. It was very cheesy and delicious!

Random Fact #3. I hate re-runs. Ever since the Olympics started all the shows are in re-runs. It makes me sad.

Random Fact #4.YES! I just figured out how to add pictures! now if I could figure out how to add Google Connect.
And people’s links to show linky love. I’ll figure it out. Soon I hope.
Cluttered Brain
is my other blog if you wanna visit it. Until I figure this blog out. *sigh*

Random Fact #5 As you might have noticed, I figured out how to add pics and linky love! YES! All I have to do is play around a bit in WordPress. Now if I could figure out how to change color and font….

I mean honestly, can WordPress ever make me happy? Or will I always want to learn more?

Oh one more thing, check out my friend, Matty’s NEW blog–I can see clearly now
It is an AWESOME blog! It’s a picture blog. Full of WARM pictures, if you are tired of the snow where you are. 🙂

I think I am done. How’s that for Friday Fragments? First time I have joined by the way.
Leave me a comment. Please? I know it is Friday, and hardly anyone hangs out in Blogland on Friday, but I am still here. So if you visit me, I will visit you. I promise.

Wordpress and I are new friends now NOT just acquaintances.

My soap opera *sigh*

Katrie: I can’t see you anymore. I just can’t.

Fred: But I love you. I can’t live my life without you. You are my dream.

Katrie: Don’t do this to me. It will only make this harder.

Fred: Tell me. What exactly did YOU do last night?

Katrie: (pours a glass of wine and takes a long sip) I…I…slept with your brother!

Fred: Hmph. (fixes himself a mean cocktail and finishes it before answering) That’s ok. I slept with your mother last night. She came on to me and I just couldn’t help it.

Katrie: Remember when we were both still in love?

Fred: (gently caresses her cheeks.) Oh YES, I do.

Katrie: (looking into Fred’s eyes and then at his lips) I think I might be able to forgive you.

(Fred and Katrie lock lips into a really long kiss)

Katrie: (unbuttoning her top) Come on baby, I’ll meet you upstairs.

Fred races after Katrie and here is the steamy sex scene I will not POST on this blog because this is a family friendly blog.

I think the reason we like soaps is because all the sex these people are having. Let’s face it, not everyone has as much sex as these people. I mean really. And the next week they are gonna get thrown into some pit and their lover is gonna take 2 weeks to find out where they really are. *sigh*
Ahh, the life of a soapstar. They also get married like 30 or 40 times, sometimes to each other! Don’t like him today? Sleep with another, get back with same guy a week later.

It doesn’t work out like this in real life. Trust me.

And that’s my writing prompt for this week.
Head on over to Mama Kat’s writing workshop for some ideas.

Howdy folks!

Hey it’s me! your old pal, Alexes from Cluttered Brain! I’m not quite sure what to think about WordPress yet.  It seems to have everything I like. I haven’t seen a Google connect thingamajig though. It would be nice to bring that over. But that is not necessary right now. All one really needs when they blog is readers. Oh and some comments every now and again would be nice.

I didn’t post yesterday. I don’t think my heart was into it. I like blogging. But sometimes after a LONG day, sitting and blogging sometimes feels like a chore. And besides yesterday I was busy commenting on everybody’s mingles. I love that aspect of Monday. *sigh*

Today is Wordless Wednesday. I do have a picture for you. I started potty training this week. I baked and frosted a cake that said: “Big Girl Day.” My 2 and a half year old wore panties all day. However, she didn’t quite yet make the pee in the potty yet. *sigh*. She’ll be potty trained BEFORE kindergarten I know, but sometimes it doesn’t seem so.

Without further adieu, here’s MY Wordless Wednesday post. Or almost Wordless right?

I think I am definitely keeping my blogger blog. Every now and again I’ll blog or vlog from here to see what the fuss is all about. I realize there is a to set up a blog through also. I like thus far.

We’ll see how dedicated I am with this. This makes Blog #4. (Cluttered Brain blog, Private family blog, writer blog, and vlogging blog.)

Hmm. I’m not sure how this will work out in the end.

If you have any tips for me, please let me know.

Thanks! And Happy Wednesday!

Monday Mingle FEB 22, 2010

Yeah! It’s that time again! My favorite time of the week!
Just grab a camera or webcam, record yourself answering the questions, upload it to the web and LINKY up at EightyMPHmom. It is FUN and a GREAT way to meet people!

IT’s the new trend! Don’t be left out in the dust!

Here’s my mingle: (Can you guess where I am?) 🙂

New haircut!

I updated my blogger blog with my new DO so I thought I’d update here too.

I guess i better tell some people about this blog so they can give me some pointers about WordPress.

I’m scared though.

I don’t know if I want to give up on blogger yet.

Here’s the NEW “do”!

Haircut changes…If you are not my Facebook friend…:)

I decided to do something for ME yesterday.
I got a haircut. I got rid of the bushy eyebrows. “I feel pretty, oh so pretty, I feel pretty and witty and gay*”
Here are some pics.
And I haven’t got my portfolio put together yet. LOL.

🙂 *Insert cheesy grin here*

*gay= meaning HAPPY, we are reverting BACK to the original meaning here. I am still straight and I still LOVE Matthew M. And my honey of course! 🙂

Last but not least, Matthew M. *sigh* (Some pics someone gathered of Matthew on You tube.) Enjoy. Brad Paisley’s song isn’t that bad either. Sorry NON-country fans, but it is a nice song. 🙂

If I were in the Olympics what would MY sport be?

Good blog fodder here. I decided I would play along with Girl Talk Thursday!

If I were to enter the Olympics what sport could I enter?

First of all, you have to know I’m not much of an athlete. MY idea of a good football game is checking out all the HAWT guys in uniform and telling my girlfriends who has the best body and such. I never really watched the game. I watched the boys. This was high school.(And heck Who am I kidding? I have checked out the football guys as an adult too.) 🙂 When got married, I just didn’t watch the football games. Didn’t do anything for me.

So with that in mind, I think the event that I would HAVE to enter is MULTI-TASKING.
I think I am pretty good at it. I mean, while writing this blog post I have the TV going on in the background. (my daughter is watching Diego) I also seem to keep a running list in my mind of what has to get done that day.

Twitter (replying to people and checking sites out) Tweetdeck people! 🙂
QUICK Facebook status check
Blog post (I am writing it now.)
Kitchen chores Dishwasher/prep for meals
Check out other people’s AWESOME websites and leave comments
Play with my daughter
Quality time with the honey
Bills paying them ONLINE
Knowing how much is in the bank at any given moment
Folding clothes and putting them away

Yeah I think that’s about it. I juggle these items in my head EVERY day.
And MOST of the time I get it right.

That doesn’t include the runs to the school I make to drop off stuff for my kids.


I think I would win.

Throw in baking some fudgy brownies and letting some fabulous bread rise and I would win for sure.

I am the QUEEN at multi-tasking. Yup, that’s me.

What do you think? Should I enter the olympics yet?

What? Multi-tasking isn’t a Olympic sport yet? They just haven’t met me YET.

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

Wordless Wednesday

This is what LONG weekends do to me.

Perhaps I might be able to catch up with everything as soon as I get enough sleep.

Have a great Wednesday y’all!

Get some sleep. 🙂

FEB 15, 2010 Monday mingle Madness!

It’s time for Monday Mingle again!
Are you ready?
I am.
Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Olympics week! (And Happy President’s day too!) I’m not much into sports but I’ll cheer the USA anyway! 🙂

Just press play when you are ready to watch me! 🙂