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I think I almost peed my pants over this one….But first some business to take care of.

I didn’t want to do this. Several of you bloggers have already done this post. But I must get it out of my system. They say writing is good for the soul, right? Well, Okay here I go.

1. Please TURN off your word verification. It’s under Comment Moderation or something like that. Do you know how annoying it is when you comment on the 500th blog and word verification is on? **The BIG Bloggers** don’t use it, you don’t have to either.

2. Enable your email. When you leave a comment on my blog, I LOVE to email at you back. I can’t if it says: Grrr, I am really beginning to hate those words. I usually notice these words AFTER I have typed up a reply to you. Then I moan and groan and sigh a lot. It’s not pretty. If you have trouble doing it, I’ll be happy to talk you through it. Heck, I’ll even Skype you through the problem. Just make sure email is there..PULLLLEEESE!

3. It must be said that Mommy is in the Bathroom is SOO frickin hilarious!! I love it! She skyped with Supah and it was hilarious! Go check it out NOW!

(Well wait until I am least done. OK?)

4. I think I am done ranting about the blogger/word verification/enable email crap. Turn it off, make sure a valid email is there. It makes me getting back to you a WHOLE LOT easier.

5. I’m still Nano *ing* but getting distracted. Would you people STOP being so funny so I can write already? Geez.

Enough said. Now let me get a funny pic for this post. ‘Cause I hate all that complaining that was on here before. But I mean it, please adjust your blog NOW. Don’t make me look you up…I’ll sick my dog on you.

(HA! Wait a minute I don’t have a dog, only cats with claws.) EVEN WORSE. 🙂

**Thanks to Google for the image** Maxine is a riot isn’t she?

**Big Bloggers** In my book of good bloggers, they are Supah AND Chiefy AND Mommy is in the bathroom.

If they can turn word verification OFF and enable their email anybody can do it. And there is ALWAYS the delete key. It is YOUR blog after all. 🙂

PS. Thank you Chief for the blog gift. As soon as I figure out HOW to get it in my sidebar I’ll put it there.