Being Zany and Crazy through video one VIDEO at a time! :)

Ugh. Blogger has been down for 24 hours now and counting. Maybe it is just because it is Friday the 13th that it is down but I need a blog to express my feelings. Without a blog I feel lost. Thank heavens for this wordpress blog that I RUN to when Blogger is “acting up”.
Does anybody else need a blog to survive? I mean it’s like I can’t get through the day without it. At least it is Friday and hardly anyone blogs on Friday….But if Blogger is not up and running by Sunday night I’m gonna be pissed. My darling friend Jodene is running her #D500 Celebration of me Sunday night and I recorded a dance video for her…And I know how you all love my dance videos…

In case you hadn’t read my last post because Blogger lost it…*sigh* it was about me getting my associate’s degree. i just have to take 1 more class. I will get working on my pre-requisites again for nursing since I took those classes too long ago to count.

But the gist of the post was I will make it. I will survive.

Not sure Blogger will though. Ugh.

Peace out, and I hope y’all have a HAPPY FRIDAY! (Don’t let Blogger bug you that bad. Hey, build another blog with They have free ones just blogger too…ya know…)

This is a repeat from my blogger blog. I copied and pasted for some of you that have trouble reading my other blog. πŸ™‚

Hey y’all! I am doing a little double dipping today. Angel said it was alright to do it so I am gonna to do it. πŸ™‚
I am participating in Angel’s FIRST bloggy carnival. She bought the carnival from Chief in the bloggy world. (The meme got auctioned off, Angel’s raffle won!!)

Anyhoo, This is MY first participation in What I meant to say Wednesday…;)

Yesterday when my stomach started acting up with cramps and such, I just sat there and took it. I took some Pepto-Bismol for some relief and waited for the cramps to subside. What I really wanted to say, was “Hey! Don’t you know I’m a busy mom and I don’t have time for this stomach cramp nonsense? LEAVE me alone!!!!”

When my daughter came up to me and started talking about her field day was this Friday, and the school could use some help with it I sighed. I told her, “That’s when I am going to be out of town, sweetie. I can’t possibly help.”
What I meant to say: “Listen up kid. I told you this a couple of weeks ago, I’ll be out of town that weekend. I already helped with the playground olympics–I paid my parent-volunteer duties for the year.” Right?

I’m not sure if I’m any good with this meme.
I’m not sure if I’m doing it justice.

One more.
When I had to change my license this year AND register my car in NV, I waited for about three hours. When they finally called my name, I had all the paperwork to give her, I just could NOT pass the eye test. *SIGH*
She tells me, “Please read the 12 numbers.”
“I can only read 8.”
She tells me again, “Please read it again.”
Same response.
I asked her if I could drive back get my glasses, and then resume my place in line. She said, “Go get your glasses quickly, and come back to my line. I’ll help you when you get back.”

What I wanted to say WHEN I could NOT pass the eye test:
“I don’t realize if you know this or not lady, but sitting here and wasting my precious time is NOT what I had in mind for today. Just give me my license AND my NV plates and let me be on my way! THANKS!”

When my hubby only waited about 45 minutes to get the same thing done, I sighed. “Lucky.”
What I really meant to say was, “Are you kidding me? Really? I was hoping you would have to wait as long as me and be as miserable as I was. DARN! Totally NOT fair!”

That’s it for WIMTSW. There you go Angel. πŸ™‚

Also: Wednesday is also NOT complete without GET your vlog on Wednesday with LizzieBTV!

There ya go folks!!! ENJOY!!! πŸ™‚

I LOVE Dove chocolate with peanut butter for its unbelievable smoothy creamy peanut butter and for the fact that I get to hold a fantastic giveaway for ALL of you!!
I hope this works!!

This is NOT an entry in the giveaway! This is a test!

I am Celebrating National Mom’s Nite Out: the Ultimate Celebration of Motherhood

Are you a mother that needs a “Time out” away from your kids?
You love your kids very much, but sometimes we as mothers get sucked into the “Mommy thing” and we forget that we are women too that LOVE to party.

I hope you will be joining me at the party on May 6, 2010.
Join me on Twitter–@Clutteredbrain is my handle.
@momsniteout and hashtag #momsniteout. You need these things to PARTY!!! They will be giving away prizes and just having a GREAT time.

I would join a LIVE event but I live in Nevada and there aren’t too many places here that are sponsoring it that are close to me. UT is NOT even involved at ALL. I am so surprised. I live pretty close to UT that’s all.

Well, I hope to see YOU at Mom’s nite out. Don’t forget to register so you can WIN!!!
Just click on the button to be transported to the site!!!

Thanks for joining!!!!

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What if?

My Facebook friend posted this. Wow. I am quite impressed with this woman. I never thought of infertility as an illness. But I agree with her. It is time for us as women, to be more aware of this disease. Because WHAT if you could not have children anymore? How would it effect you?

Watch the following video and make some comments.
I want to know how this video affected you.

Quite frankly, if I found out I could not have children early in my marriage it would have devastated me. I don’t know if I could have gone on. Being a mother is a dream come true for me. I love my children. I mean, I have my hard days, but I would not wish my children away at all.

If I could not have children, I would totally want a spokesperson for me. Someone to speak for me. So I could connect and find the support I needed to feel I belonged.

Watch this video.

For more information about this please visit this link:

Thank YOU Kieko for posting this beautiful video! I hope it touches the lives of many women. Because living with infertility is a difficult thing to do.

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For those of you who cannot load my blogger blog properly, I am posting my Get-to-know-ME post on wordpress too!
Aren’t I so nice? And it is a GOOD thing I have wordpress too cause Blogger is NOT loading comments. Another PLUS for wordpress πŸ™‚

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

Leave me a comment and tell me what you thought! Thanks! πŸ™‚
I’ll visit your blog for sure! πŸ™‚

And I guess you are suppose to leave a list of prizes you want to win. I want to win the GRAND prize–a Toshiba labtop.
Next is #11 a $100 gift card to
AND #39 a Hilton Hotel Garden inn (free stay)
Plus a $50 gift card to target.
Many more prizes to win! Check HERE for a full listing!

Make sure you linky up over at 5 minutes for MOM so YOU too can WIN!
And make sure you visit your own links to sign up to win!! πŸ™‚

IE= Internet Explorer.

Why? Why are you people still using Internet Explorer?
I gave up on Explorer a long time ago when it stopped showing my Blogger Blog. I tried it. It only loads the sidebars.

Good Criminy. Is it Internet Explorer’s fault? Or is it Blogger’s?

I’m not sure but just in case I’ll update my blog for all you IE souls. Okay?

First of all, I’ve been making videos again.
Yup, I even made a video for Flip video camera people. Which of course I will post. πŸ™‚ I would LOVE to review just one of their cameras. I mean who wouldn’t?
Here’s the 59 second video clip of me selling myself to Flip. πŸ™‚

Cool huh? Yup. Now I am waiting to hear back. Maybe some of you know some people that work with Flip and can help a girl out?

Second thing I have been doing is working on my A-Z blog post thingy for April. That’s on my other blog. But I want to post F on here.

So here it goes:
F is for Flip.

Yup. You guessed it. Flip video camera.
Why do I need a Flip?
Because I like to record the CRAZY zany things my 2 yr old does every day, practically.
I am crazy.
I like Youtube.
I like making videos.
I like filming people in general. And scenery.
I could be a producer someday. This Flip could help me get an IN. So I mean, of course the Flip people want to help me out.
It’s not like I want to go on the Ellen show.
It would be nice to be a guest on the Ellen show, but who am I kidding?
I have more of a chance with Flip I think.
If I had a Flip video camera I could record my visit to Ellen.
I could post more videos to my blog.
Is that even possible?
I think I have gone on long enough.
I love FLIP video camera. I haven’t even used it yet and I am sold already. If I can’t review one now, I’ll just wait until I can buy one.
But it would be cooler to hear back from the Flip people.
Ahh well.

This long post was brought to you by people who use Internet Explorer still. Now I must get back to the dishes.
Later. πŸ™‚

Birthday Mingle! Yippee!

Just in case you guys have troubles loading my Blogger blog!

Have a SUPER week!

If you want to join in, head on over to Speedy’s blog And link up!
It’s fun, easy and you meet LOTS of bloggers!
What are you waiting for?

*I decided to pull this one from MY drafts and PUBLISH it.* Yippee!

Confessions of a SAHM Mom/writer/baker/twitterer/blogger/vlogger

1. I am often in my PJ’s until noon or later.

2. I get so into the book that I am writing that I forget what time it is. Like last night, it was almost 7:00 PM and dinner hadn’t been served yet.

3. Snacks for my kiddos at times have been Cheetos. That’s semi healthy right?

4. Speaking of the above, one time for breakfast I had a handful of spicy cheetos and a Diet Dr. Pepper!

5. I just discovered the purpose of Twitter last week! I signed up about 6 months ago and didn’t get it. I do now, however.

6. I am a Vlog a holic. I LOVE to make video posts of myself and post them on my blog. Just started doing that Nov 13, 2009.

7. I am HTML challenged. Had to ask a good friend of mine to help me with my blog. She redesigned it with some of my favorite colors!

8. I like Facebook, but ever since I discovered Twitter it is definitely my NEW love!

9. I (heart) Emmett and Jacob from Twilight! I can’t get enough of their yummy bodies.

10. Last Confession I swear, If I had a blackberry I could Twitter while grocery shopping, at the movies, at a concert, and I’d do it too. That would be the COOLEST.

Anyway, Love the fact that you are giving away a blackberry! Hope I win! May the BEST Twitter and Blog addict win!


Here is goes. I’ve been around bloggy land for a little while and I have met some fabulous people. And I figured I would spotlight my favorites ones each week. The first one I would like to spotlight was my 100th follower–Angel. She is most certainly that, an angel. She is funny, she sings, she comments on your blogs, she even recently has taken up vlogging–YAHOO!

So without further ado, here’s the interview (email interview I conducted with her) I’m too poor to fly out and see her. I wish. I’ll make my questions that I asked her in bold so you don’t get confused. Then I’ll link up some of my favorite posts that I have loved of Angel’s. K?

Let’s get this party started.


1. Why did you get into blogging?

I started blogging after I found a spot called Cafemom and they had journals, but I wanted to reach more people then just my little group there. I have never been a cliquey person. I pretty much like anyone UNTIL you give me a reason not to. I was also getting a lot of things going through my head and found that blogging gave me the ability to write it down and get it out there.

If you go back to my archives you might find somethings of interest to you. I am an overcomer of childhood sexual abuse and coming from where I have come from I know I often thought I wish there was someone who could have told me all this. So I guess that is truly why I started. I know it is a silent problem and I decided to kind of be the generational chain breaker and the silence breaker for my family and generation.IT just kind of grew from there. I know way too serious huh lol.

2. Tell us a little about yourself. What are your interests, besides blogging of course?
I love to sing, mainly country and gospel.. and Lee is asking me to sing Reba on my next vlog eeeekkkk.. I’ll link that up below if you haven’t heard it. She has a beautiful voice!

The things I do for her lol. I would love to being quilting if I ever had a free moment lol. I also care for my mom who lives behind us and has been facing several health issues. I am an advocate for children with silent disabilities like my oldest son who is bipolar. I love to write and take pictures which of course drives my kids crazy lol. Spending time with the hubby and long hot bubble baths with bubbles up to my eyeballs lol..
3. Favorite book?

Umm the Bible first and foremost.. but then I would have to say nearly anything by TD Jakes or Paula White.. IF you don’t know who either is look em up and GETREADY GETREADY GET READY lol..

4. What type of music do you listen to?
gospel, country some pop LOVE Kirk Franklin, Donnie Mcclurkin, Vestal Goodman, Mark Lowry, David Crowder Band, Patsy Cline, Dolly Parton, REba, Loretta Lynn, um why don’t I just say eclectic lol except for screamo THAT drives me batty Yup, I’d say she was a country fan folks.
That’s cool. I like country too.

5. Why comment? (Yes, yes I know, I just joined CCWA too–It’s official now, I’m an addict.) But why do you comment? And what make you comment on people’s blogs?

OH see I very rarely DON’T comment on a blog, unless it is just somethign that I cannot deal with which isn’t very often. I comment because I know it was not too long ago when I had NO readers. I would pour my heart out and get nothing in response and that is the worst feeling in the world. I don’t want anyone to feel that way.. Yup me too. But lately I have had to be a little more discrimatory–commenting is hard work lol. πŸ™‚

6. Favorite movie?
Oh do I have to pick one?? Anything by Tyler Perry although I prefer the actual PLAYS, AS Good as it gets, Pay It Forward, Twister are you noticing the Helen Hunt theme here lol.. I loved the movie Sybil and got to watch the remake last night, which was cut way back from the original and was ok but not as good as when Sally Field played th role. I just found it so fascinating.. and intriguing and at some point relatable since she suffered sexual abuse as a child as well.

7. Do you prefer dogs or cats?

OH see I am an animal lover that means all of them, I have 3 dogs, 3 cats ( 2 out 1 in) and a rabbit, I have also owned2 ferrets, at one point nearly 300 mice counting mama’s daddy’s and babies of various stages, green anole, gecko, fire bellied salamanders and yellow bellied frogs.. I have 2 cats as well. I love animals. πŸ™‚

8. Favorite blogger of ALL time, besides me of course….:)?

Oh see that is a tough one cause I like so many for so many different reasons. Pretty much if I have you on my blog roll I like ya I am not one who tends to follow just to give you numbers.. I have to actually LIKE you and what you write about.. See why I like her? This girl is genuine!

9. What made you get into all this video blogging stuff? Have you enjoyed it thus far?

. OH watching you on vlog and Jen at my fabulous life with the crazies, but the absolute deal cincher was Lee and Erin from The mother Load and Headaches hormones and hotflashes and their joint vlog now THAT was so funny I was laughing till I nearly cried..

10. Final Question: Are you also a Twitter addict like me?
(twitter can be almost as addicting as commenting.) It is exhausting my day….

Hmm not so much into twitter lol I sometimes forget I have it.. I am in one of my frustrated with all the social sites which is another reason I have slowed down on blogging. I mean the carnivals are great but I would like to get to normal blogging and only carnival if I have nothing better to do if that makes sense..

There ya have it folks. Angel is a wonderful blogger with a sweet voice. Just listen. Well, click here to listen.
MOST favorite post–Angel is a wonderful singer!