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The Allure of Twitter and Tweetdeck ETC…

Okay. I’m somewhat slow I guess. I signed up for Facebook about a year ago. It’s cool. Then I found out about Twitter. I registered but HARDLY did anything with it. I mean WHY?

I have seen the light.

Twitter has a purpose. Get this. You can update Facebook with one click of Tweetdeck. Cool huh? That way I don’t even have to log on to Facebook. (Well I could later in the evening for small stuff.)

Isn’t that fantastic?

I (HEART) Twitter AND Tweetdeck.

WhoEVER came up with these wonderful programs I would like to send them a tweet and THANK them! I mean what a timesaver!

Does anybody else tweet?

Or use Tweetdeck?

Please add me. I follow like 84 people. I want more followers. (I’m so selfish aren’t I?)

MY twitter handle is @aquamarine76 OR you can click on my left sidebar.

I hope to see ALL of you very soon on Tweetdeck.

Hmm. Can you update your blog from Tweetdeck? I’ve got to figure that one out. :))

PS I wrote all of this twitter stuff last night, totally forgetting Today is Veteran’s day. I went to a Veteran’s Day parade last Saturday. I am TRULY grateful for my freedoms. People who have fought or ARE fighting in a war are people to honor. So please take a minute and honor those Veteran’s on our lives.

Oh and head on over to Mormon Surrogate. She did a great job of expressing what is in my heart today. Thank-you!