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Open Letter to Santa

I am joining in for Mama Kat’s Writer’s Prompts today. I decided to choose the prompt—>Open Letter to Santa.

**Clearing voice**

Dear Santa,
First of all, the kids have mostly been good this year. You can go ahead and send then the stuff they need. Just make sure whatever you send doesn’t bring more quarreling in the house. (They just LOVE underwear and socks…)

This year, I would like a full year of maid’s service. There are so many other things I would like to be doing besides slaving away at the dishes, or mopping my floor. So maid service would make me a happy camper. ( I need more time on the computer so I can connect with all my Tweeps and Blogger buddies.) 😀

My husband would probably like another video game to play or figure out how to re- write it. But if you can get him to help me around the house more I sure would appreciate that.

The cats also have been good this year. They are the sweetest cats anybody could ever ask for. Do you think you could get them a litter box that empties itself because I am getting tired of scooping their poo every week?

The two year old in the house LOVES Mickey Mouse. Maybe give her some Minnie Mouse underwear **Hint, Hint** and maybe she’ll get a clue and potty-train herself. (Hey, it’s worth a try right?)

Could you also do me one more favor? I have a blog Santa. There are a lot of people who read my blog. Could ya just make sure they have a good Christmas this year too? Maybe you could leave a little comment love on their blogs. They LOVE that. 🙂

Psst. One more thing Santa. Do you thing maybe you could get Ellen Degeneres to call me at home during one of her LIVE shows? I just love her and I would freak out if she called. In a good freak-out way. So Pullleeeese, will ya call her and let her know I exist? I’ll even accept a tweet, anything from Ellen. 🙂

Also, Do you think ya might be able to pull some strings over at the SITS website and maybe have them feature me on my birthday? It’s in March in case you forgot.

I think I am done now. I hope you and Mrs. Claus have a wonderful Christmas.

P.S. Do you think you could make sure the reindeer don’t leave a crap in my living room. Last year, I think Rudolph left a present under the tree for me to clean up.

Sincerely, Your most favorite girl and Blogger,
Cluttered Brain 🙂

How’s that for a letter to Santa?:)