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Totally Positive Friday!

A Daily dose of Toni has decided that there is too much negative in the world today and we need to be positive for at least one day. I agree. She decided to kick off her Fridays with Positive Friday! And since she LOVES to vlog, (I do too) I couldn’t resist and I decided to join in again this week.
It’s five minutes and 25 seconds this time. Not too bad, really. So without further ado, Here is my vlog for this week!

Stay tuned for Monday ’cause that’s when I do Monday Mingle. And this week my husband is joining me. :))

P.S. I think the bite I took of the pie was a wee bit too big. Ahh well! It was delicious!!

P.P.S. Still doing Nano. 29,000 words and still going…:)