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Welcome to the SITsAhood!!!

Ok. Ok. I must admit something. I joined The Secret is in the Sauce a while ago. Maybe two or three months. I didn’t really get it. (Sometimes it take a little while for me to get some things.) But it clicked. The key to sisterhood is support. You can support your fellow bloggers and friends through commenting. I wrote a post on blogging comments a while ago, if you want to read it CLICK HERE! (You don’t really have to click there, I just read the post. It is an old post and quite lame. I have gotten better in my writing abilities….LOL!:)

Anyway where was I? Oh yeah. The key to sisterhood is support. It is. We might not live close to each other but we have our blogs. We check our dashboard to see if anything new posted. We get excited when we see our new funny friend post something. YEAH! I am glad I get it.

Thank you for your support in comments!!!Thank you for your lurking support!!! (I know you are out there.):) Thank you for the recent increase in followers. (Followers they don’t really mean anything, it is kinda lame but hey it is ONE way you know people actually think you are cool.) Maybe? Ok. I already know I am cool. 🙂

If you haven’t heard of The Secret is in the Sauce! check it out! There is a world full of amazing bloggers out there. And now those people are all on my dashboard. (Ok. Ok. Not ALL of you yet. So come and tell me about you. What? What was that? You don’t know about me yet? You can CLICK HERE for things you might want to know about me.)

So that’s it. That all I have for you today. Time for the laundry, dishes, blogging, FB, check two different email accounts, write more in my novel, get some baking done…WHEW! I am tired just looking at my list. Wish me luck getting it all done. Check. Post already published. YES! See you around later in the SITsAhood, Sister!