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Is this crazy thinking or does my Mama cat miss her kittens?

I finally did it! I gave all of my cat’s (Fuzz) kittens! All except for one that is. I just could not bear to part with all of them. Call me a sucker that’s just how I am. When the kittens were still here they all would climb on top of this collapsible wardrobe I have and sleep. Well, last night Fuzz started meowing (like giving the call for kittens to come) and nobody showed–(As usual, kittens are just like kids) So she was off to find them. She climbed my up my closet, to find NO BODY there! (The other kitten we kept was sleeping with me. We named her Mask.) She meowed some more and then got down. But now I feel bad. Does Fuzz miss her kittens? She definitely was done with nursing, every time they would try to sneak a drink Fuzz would get up and walk off. I feel bad. The kittens are almost 10 weeks old so it was time to go. (Feeding 4 kittens and a mama is ALOT of food.) Was Fuzz ready for her kittens to leave? Will she be able to forgive me?

I hope it’s just me who is overreacting. I love my cats and want them to be happy. I guess that’s all I really wanted to say. Except if any of you have any experience with this type of situation, please let me know so I know I am not totally neurotic.

Thanks for listening to my rant this morning! Hope you have a marvelous Mother’s Day weekend!

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