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I have some EXCITING news!!!! :)

Well EXCITING for ME anyhow.
You might not even want anything to do with it.
Any-hoo on to the news.

Yesterday I was minding my own business as usual, tweeting at the usual tweeps, and one of my pals mentioned she got to join a round table discussion with Mom Talk radio. Well, I asked her how I could get in on all this discussion and I emailed the gal over at Mom Talk radio.

Well, she emailed ME back today.
She asked me to join a discussion on Mom talk radio!!!!

*Insert shrieks and screams here*

Okay, I’m done. So the low down is they are going to record it tomorrow morning, and then broadcast it on Sunday the 24th. If the radio station is in my area, I will be able to listen to it. (They broadcast nationally to 40 different stations.) If not, it goes on the web for all to hear my voice. YES! (I’m still waiting back on which radio station to tune into.)

THE best part?
She didn’t have a topic for the show yet.
She asked me if i had any topics to go ahead give her some ideas.
AND then….

She picked MY idea!
Which was: How do we as mothers manage to stay on top of it all? OR how do we appear to look like we stay on top of it all?

Good topic huh? Well, if you are a Mom it is. After all it is called Mom talk radio.
(Psst. What else do Moms want to know anyway? Besides, I was hoping to pick up a few pointers.)

The ultimate BEST part of this whole deal? I get to plug my little old blog some more. LIVE. On a radio station. Cool, huh?
Hope I don’t get stage fright. They are calling me tomorrow. YIKES!

What have I gotten myself into?

It will be fun. I’m sure. Right?
Well, yeah. I’m still excited. At least it’s just my voice.

That’s MY good news for yesterday.
Do you have any good news you’d like to share?