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School’s out for the summer!/Ice Cream Party!

Today was the kid’s last day of school! Both of them had this dance festival that they were in! My fourth grader, who we shall call Duckling, danced to the song “Thriller” with her classmates. My first grader, who we shall call Slothy, danced with her class in a circle, (I can’t remember the song but it was cute). After school, we went over to Wendy’s for kid meals and frosties! Then we all went over to a sweet gal’s house in the neighborhood for a Homemade Ice cream party/water fight! We all had a great time!
My hubby comes home tonight! YES! It has been an especially LONG two weeks!
My vacation on the East Coast officially starts June 17th! YEAH! We will visit my Dad who lives in Phila,PA and my mom who lives in Virginia! (Dan is not going due to the fact he has an AWESOME job and wants to keep it, doesn’t want to do anything to ruin that “great job”.)
I am actually writing now. I have almost 5,000 words written. I have decided if I can write about 1,000 words a day, I can have a novel in about 3 months(90 days). Sound good? I’m excited!!!
Also for all you people who like reading LDS romances Here are a couple you should try.
Michele Ashman Bell’s “Forever Love” series (There are three of them)
Josi Kilpack “Surrounded by Strangers” She had a new one called “Lemon Tart” that looks good too.
Annette Lyon’s book “Lost Without You”
I found out that the books I read by these authors are among the first books they wrote!
I LOVE it! I found a few things I would change but for the most part I enjoyed each of these books throughly. (It even made me want to write! How’s that for good?)
Thanks you all for continuing to write! Hopefully someday soon I will be published with you all too!