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A BIG Thank-You!

Hello, again. It’s me. I did it!! I got my word count in for today 11-3-09.(4,154 words thus far.) I would like to write more but those other pesty chores are waiting for me to launder, prepare dinner, fold clothes, Bother I think I need a maid for this month. You clean, I’ll write. Sound Good? Leave me a comment if you want the job…LOL!

I was very pleased to receive an award yesterday from Ms. Bibi. Apparently I have you all fooled. She thinks I am the most friendliest blogger in 2009. Hmm. Have you met me when I have PMS? Hmm. Not so pretty. I’d like to thank her. Thank for the lovely award.

I got so excited I showed my honey.

He seemed somewhat amused. He just doesn’t understand us bloggers. Why would we get so excited over some award? (Psst. It’s because then we know someone in reading our mumblings from day to day.) YEAH!

Here’s my lovely award.

When I figure out how to add it to my sidebar, I’ll add it there as well.

It’s WEDNESDAY! Hump-Day! Law and Order SVU–is on tonight. I mean who could resist Christopher Meloni?

I’ll think I’ll leave you with image of Christopher and end it right here. Try not to drool on the screen, OK? And remember he is ALL mine…;) (Who cares what my honey thinks, right?)