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Flashback Friday! (Yeah–What did I look like when I was younger?)

I have seen a lot of bloggers use this meme. So in the spirit of Friday, I shall post a picture of what I looked like in the past. I have a couple of pictures for you. Yes, You are in for a real treat Ladies and gentleman…:)

This is me with my great grandmother and ONE of my favorite cousins. Like our poses?
and check out our AWESOME jewelery!(Sorry the pic is not bigger) It was from our great-grandmother’s stash.

I think I’m in the seventh grade or something. I mean look at me sweater! Primary colors–red, blue and yellow? Jeez.

And last not but not least, Here is what I look like today. I mean with THESE Blast from the past pictures I can’t have you think I’m looking like that now can I?

NO WAY, man! 🙂
(And yes, I think it’s time for me to get a haircut again!) I LOVE this hairstyle, easy and fun!

P.S. Regarding yerterday’s post–I guess not all of you are into recording yourselves via webcam or video camera. That’s okay. When you get there, I’ll still be here and I’ll give you some pointers.:)