Being Zany and Crazy through video one VIDEO at a time! :)

Ugh. Blogger has been down for 24 hours now and counting. Maybe it is just because it is Friday the 13th that it is down but I need a blog to express my feelings. Without a blog I feel lost. Thank heavens for this wordpress blog that I RUN to when Blogger is “acting up”.
Does anybody else need a blog to survive? I mean it’s like I can’t get through the day without it. At least it is Friday and hardly anyone blogs on Friday….But if Blogger is not up and running by Sunday night I’m gonna be pissed. My darling friend Jodene is running her #D500 Celebration of me Sunday night and I recorded a dance video for her…And I know how you all love my dance videos…

In case you hadn’t read my last post because Blogger lost it…*sigh* it was about me getting my associate’s degree. i just have to take 1 more class. I will get working on my pre-requisites again for nursing since I took those classes too long ago to count.

But the gist of the post was I will make it. I will survive.

Not sure Blogger will though. Ugh.

Peace out, and I hope y’all have a HAPPY FRIDAY! (Don’t let Blogger bug you that bad. Hey, build another blog with They have free ones just blogger too…ya know…)

Comments on: "Blogger=Pain in butt And I need a Blog to Survive." (2)

  1. Testing testing. This is a test. Do comments work on this blog? lol.

  2. Hey! You are here too! and you have a cute little favicon up there. I love it.


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