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Monday Mingle!

You know you want to join in too. Come on, it will be fun! 🙂 Or just listen to me, that’s fine too.:)Eighty MPH MOM click HERE 4 her AWESOME BLOG!

I know I just posted a vlog on Friday but I found some more people I can vlog with. So bear with me as I indulge myself in my latest hobby! I hope you enjoy this video post as well. It is definitely shorter for all you with LIMITED time! 🙂

Okay, It’s really Sunday night, but I’m cheating. I can’t wait. So here is my MONDAY MINGLE y’all! Hope you enjoy it. No fancy video editing like one of the guys on Mon. Mingle, not that talented yet. 🙂 Hope you enjoy what I did record. 🙂

Seriously, Do you know how many times I recorded this? One too many. I HAVE got to get to know editing features better. Have a HAPPY Monday y’all!