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Don’t really want to toot my own horn…

Listen, I didn’t really want to do this, I don’t know what is possessing me to tell you all about it. I just have to. (Could it be after I post this that I will be one more post closer to 100? Yes, This post is 99) MomNerd (Click here for the post.) did it! She posted a guest post by none other than yours truly. My first guest post. I actually kind of like this guest blogging thing. It is fun. You all should try it. :))

So I have told y’all about my new look on FB. Haven’t really twittered it, but I have like 30 or so followers on Twitter. What’s the BIG deal about twitter anyway?

Thanks to you all for dropping by and taking a look. :))

Just remember Post 100 is coming and I think I will be doing something special for my readers…