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Wordless Wednesday…Hmm..ya think so?

**What do you say is that in my sweet 2 year old’s hair? Somebody forgot and left the bathroom door open. No, it’s not shampoo, it’s toothpaste! My daughter used toothpaste like it was shampoo!**

Thought y’all might enjoy another Wordless Wednesday brought to you by Cluttered Brain.

P.S. Still working on my Nano novel. Made it past the halfway point! YEAH!

P.P.S. Still a Twitter addict. Yup, I still need therapy.

P.P.P.S. Still waiting for New Moon to come out. Any of you peeps live near Mesquite Nevada OR in St. George Utah and want to see the movie with me? I’d totally like to go with you. On one exception, Someone has to take a picture of me kissing Jacob on the movie poster. ‘Cause I am soooo Team Jacob! Or Emmett. He is hot too. 🙂

P.P.P.P.S. Is that enough post scripts yet? No, not yet. This is the LAST ONE. If you have YET to make an appearance over at Adventures of a Wanna be Supah Mommy
HEAD on over there now! She’s frickin AWESOME man! Plus maybe one day, I might get to Skype at her. And if she likes it, it might make an appearance on her blog. My new dream. 🙂

Also one more thing,Princess of Sarcasm “I Skyped with Princess of Sarcasm and I liked it.” AND I have the T-shirt to prove it. Well I wish I had a T shirt. You guys just have to believe me. Honest. Sorry, no recordings. I’m not that techy cool like Supah. Not yet anyways.