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January may get a bad rap, and here’s why—

Hey, So glad you stopped by. Thanks.

I’ve been reading some of your blogs lately. Many of you are not feeling so well. Everything is kinda out of whack. Some of you are sick, some of you are just dealing with a lot of painful stuff, and some of you are just dealing with what I like to call the January Blues.

You see I have a theory about January. You want to hear it?

I thought so.

We have December in all its glory. December has Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day, and LOTS of holiday fun, treats and family. December also has time off from work. December doesn’t also have all those dieting resolutions to make it have a bad rap. December is glorious. We are shopping for the ones we love and doing it because we care.

And then we move onto January. January the beginning of a new year. This year was the beginning of a NEW decade even. Whoah! (I can’t believe that already.) In January, people are headed back to work and the holidays are gone. We aren’t shopping for one another anymore. The somewhat jovial spirit has left. January can be quite bitter for some who spent just a little too much on their credit card.
With January comes the resolutions also. There are no grand holidays in January. There’s Martin Luther King Day, which, don’t get me wrong, is a great holiday–but it’s no Christmas.

So January gets a bad rap. It’s the January blues,man. It will be over in February. ‘Cause we all like February. That’s the sweetheart month. (Unless you can’t stand the person you are with then you like Valentine’s Day.)

So my solution to the January blues? Pack your bags and take a trip to somewhere warm with lots of clear blue water. The beach also makes me happy. No money? You can also get to the warm blue skies in your mind…..

(There is another way you can be happy in January. It’s called keeping Christmas in your heart all year round. The giving spirit in us should not just be at Christmas but all year round.)

P.S. Hope I’m not being too cheesy or preachy. I’m NOT trying to be. Just send me some cheese and crackers and be on your merry way. ;)))

P.P.S. See I actually write too. Not just all that vloggy stuff. Writing is AWESOME, don’t ya know?