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Wordless Wednesday (Almost), You really thought I could post a picture WITHOUT saying anything? HA!

This picture was taken by my cousin Megan. (She has an awesome camera and knows how to use the timer so she can catch herself in a self portait.)

AHEM. A few words please.

I really like the colors in this picture. I particularly the azure blue of the sky and the way the light seems to capture her face. She is day-dreaming. It is definitely a good dream by the expression on her face. You see my cousin, Megan is a mother of two children. A boy and a girl. As mothers we know that this peaceful state is usually not achievable. We are either too busy getting a meal on or changing a diaper to really enjoy a good daydream. I mean when was the last time you had a really good daydream? I can’t think of any. (I better start watching Matthew McConaughey then. HE always gives me good thoughts.) 🙂

What are your thoughts on the picture?