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Monday Mingle March 8,2010

For those of you who can’t seem to view my blogger blog–here is the same mingle in wordpress!

Happy mingling!

Midnight Mingle!

I am posting this video here also just cause there are some people that can’t seem to load my Blogger blog. *sigh* I wish I knew how to fix EVERYTHING that went wrong.
Ahh well!
Anyhoo, This mingle was recorded at midnight. I sang and danced and acted like a crazy woman. I hope you like it!

African Violet

Monday Mingle 1-11-2010

In an attempt to get this out on Monday, I will forego trying to add music and what-not to the mingle. I tried to, was successful, tried to upload it to youtube and youtube failed. Guess I have to keep working at it.

Here’s my Monday Mingle (without music) folks.

Have a GREAT Monday! 😉

P.S. If you have time, I updated the About me section of my blog. Part of the vlogging challenge from Jendi. Her site is Simple Vlogging tips!
I’m wanting to win a 50 dollar gift certificate from MomTV as well. 😉
Talk you y’all later! 😉