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Maybe some of you can help me out?

Excrement=excitement!!!ROFL!!! Just thought a google image on excitement would give a good picture on the blog…And I ALWAYS like a little laugh….:))))

Why are so many bloggers switching their blogs from blogger to wordpress? I have been blogging since January and I am completely happy with Blogger still. Is it because you are unhappy or does WordPress just have more to offer that Blogger?
I am just curious.

It is FRIDAY people!! Come on, DO the happy, happy, Joy Joy Dance with me!!!! YEAH!!!!

I have been chosen by another fellow blogger to regularly contribute to her blog. YEAH… You might know her, she is currently in the process of moving her blog from blogger to wordpress… Her blog Or you might know it

This is so exciting for me!!!I am making it big into the techo world we live in. Well maybe just getting my name out there more. YEAH!!!!

Also in November I will being doing a book review on my blog!!! YEAH!!!The book will be mailed to me in November and I read it and then tell my reactions on the book on my blog!! YEAH!!! (Does it sound like I am excited??!!!) If it does, It’s because I

What I really need is a blog makeover. I mean I need help. It needs to be more professional…Maybe one of my friends will come to the rescue…. I know just where I’ll start too:)))

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!!!!