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I Google Everything, Don’t you?

Lisa, from Smell the Coffee, Lisa. did this Google thing the other day. It’s EASY! All you do is go to Google images and write down the 10 things from MY list and post ONE of the first 10 images that show up. Clear? After you read my list, get started on your own. I promise you will really like mine.

1. FAVORITE DRINK: I LOVE Chocolate milk!! Can’t drink it ALL the time though, or I would be really FAT.

2. MY HOMETOWN: Richmond, Virginia. Ahh the James River! I floated down it once with my Dad.

3. FAVORITE SHOW: HEROES! Need I say more?

4. OCCUPATION OR WHAT YOU ARE IN SCHOOL FOR: I am first and foremost a Mom. (When the kids are older, I’ll see about Nursing school.Right now I have my writing and my Motherhood…:)

5. FIRST CAR: Chevrolet Nova. (Actually it was a 1988 Nova, I think. I had it until I ran in the back of somebody on my way to work….)

6. FAVORITE FOOD: Sushi. My husband LOVES Sushi. (It’s a good thing I like the stuff too.)

7. CELEBRITY YOU HAVE BEEN TOLD YOU RESEMBLE: Kate Hudson. (Roll eyes. I wish someone would tell me I look like Kate Hudson. ‘Cause then I could star in that movie “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” with Matthew MCconaughey. Which leads us to Number 8….)

8. CELEBRITY ON MY “TO DO” LIST: Matthew McConaughey. Yummy!

9. FAVORITE CHILDHOOD TOY: Barbie. (I think I played Barbie until I discovered boys at 14 or 15. I always had a crush on boys but they didn’t really notice me until I was 14 or 15.)

10. ANY RANDOM PICTURE YOU CARE TO SHARE: The impossible picture! Men doing housework! (Although just yesterday my hubby loaded the dishwasher for me…I know, I know AMAZING!)