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Hubba, hubba Is it getting HAWT in here or what?

Okay. I worked out yesterday for the first time since Decemberish. I was feeling quite good that I actually got on the treadmill. I turned on the TV to see who was on. I watched the end of Oprah. Then my all-time favorite show came on. I usually miss it for some reason. But not anymore. Look who Ellen had on her show just for me. (Well not exactly just for me but it felt like a celebration since I was working out.)

Just watch. (I still have more post after the video, if you are still around.) 😉

Who wouldn’t want to work out with these guys around?
Or get to dance blindfolded (or hop in their case) around these sexy men?
Ahh. I kicked it up a notch and instead of 3.5 MPH I walked 3.7 when they were on. It was like I was trying to walk to get to the Ellen show.

I just want to thank Ellen for the surprise. I mean, I have been procrastinating lately about exercising. I don’t know why.

I mean I feel GREAT after I work out. It’s just getting that butt in gear.

From now on, I will picture these guys when I run on the treadmill.

Total time on treadmill: Approx. 32 minutes.

It’s also Ellen’s birthday this week. I’m definitely going to stay tuned. Maybe there will be more HAWT men on the show…

So that was my surprise as I jumped on the treadmill yesterday. If I lived closer to Ellen, I’d hug her. Or at least buy her a drink. Cause man ALIVE, Ellen, you ROCK!