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Recently I have been thinking about the friends I have made recently and the friends that I have made previously. I am grateful for true friends that stick by you through and through and just because things get rough they still stick by you. Good Friends NEVER leave you. They are not two faced, and they are happy sometimes to just sit and hang with you—never wanting anything in return.
I am grateful for the friends I have made in Provo. You know you are. I realize that there are people like me with the same troubles AND it’s okay. Cause hey we all got through some things eventually.
I am also grateful for this new group of friends I have made through blogging. WOW! You people are great! I never knew such a community existed among women. I LOVE it. You are also a strangth to me also.
Going through this journey of life with good friends by our side makes things a WHOLE heck of a lot easier, doesn’t it? 🙂
Thanks again y’all!!


Comments on: "Friends" (11)

  1. debilyn said:

    what a sweet post!i truly believe that there are few things in life as special as female friendships ♥

  2. You know the saying” You will have many acquaintances in your life and a few very good friends” Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Insanity Kim said:

    Very trueAnd this friend IS getting your earrings out; I was all diligent on Sunday when the UPS store said OPEN and I pulled on the door repeated and it wouldn’t open, only to find they left their big OPEN sign out when they were in fact closed! So now I have to get back to the UPS store amidst the craziness of my schedule. Oh yes, you will get them…I have a plan. 🙂

  4. It sure does – I adore my friends too!

  5. Friends and family are so important! I know that there are times when only a good friend will do, someone who will listen and cry with you, and know that this is all you need.Great post! I’m glad we are all finding these great blogging friends too! Broadening our horizons! 🙂

  6. Life just isn’t the same without a few good friends. Glad we’re friends.

  7. Jan the crazy lady said:

    No kidding. I am just hoping that they remain low maintenance. I just love those that don’t require to much to know that you love them. Those other kind are so draining.Glad you have good ones 🙂

  8. mother goose said:

    friends are everything! they keep they are like umbrellas when it rains!

  9. Mama Nut said:

    Amen! Friends are great!

  10. Insanity Kim said:

    Your earrings will be showing up sometime this coming week!! 🙂

  11. DaveandRuth said:

    You are awesome! You make being friends easy. I look forward to your move to the south!

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