Being Zany and Crazy through video one VIDEO at a time! :)

IE= Internet Explorer.

Why? Why are you people still using Internet Explorer?
I gave up on Explorer a long time ago when it stopped showing my Blogger Blog. I tried it. It only loads the sidebars.

Good Criminy. Is it Internet Explorer’s fault? Or is it Blogger’s?

I’m not sure but just in case I’ll update my blog for all you IE souls. Okay?

First of all, I’ve been making videos again.
Yup, I even made a video for Flip video camera people. Which of course I will post. 🙂 I would LOVE to review just one of their cameras. I mean who wouldn’t?
Here’s the 59 second video clip of me selling myself to Flip. 🙂

Cool huh? Yup. Now I am waiting to hear back. Maybe some of you know some people that work with Flip and can help a girl out?

Second thing I have been doing is working on my A-Z blog post thingy for April. That’s on my other blog. But I want to post F on here.

So here it goes:
F is for Flip.

Yup. You guessed it. Flip video camera.
Why do I need a Flip?
Because I like to record the CRAZY zany things my 2 yr old does every day, practically.
I am crazy.
I like Youtube.
I like making videos.
I like filming people in general. And scenery.
I could be a producer someday. This Flip could help me get an IN. So I mean, of course the Flip people want to help me out.
It’s not like I want to go on the Ellen show.
It would be nice to be a guest on the Ellen show, but who am I kidding?
I have more of a chance with Flip I think.
If I had a Flip video camera I could record my visit to Ellen.
I could post more videos to my blog.
Is that even possible?
I think I have gone on long enough.
I love FLIP video camera. I haven’t even used it yet and I am sold already. If I can’t review one now, I’ll just wait until I can buy one.
But it would be cooler to hear back from the Flip people.
Ahh well.

This long post was brought to you by people who use Internet Explorer still. Now I must get back to the dishes.
Later. 🙂


Comments on: "To all who still dare use IE. :)" (10)

  1. I’m one of those dark ages lame-o IE users. Too stubborn/stupid to switch.

    My son has a Flip video camera and we all love it. I hope they help you out. 🙂

  2. I don’t use IE haven’t forever and I still read this blog lol I want the FLIP too.. good luck..

  3. F is for FUDGE baby!! Oh yeah. But that flip sure looks cool too.

  4. Now I want a FLIP camera! Hmmm… what about F for Firefox? Or, better yet, G tomorrow for Google Chrome? (using Chrome at the moment…) 🙂

  5. I would love a Flip Camera: I love your alphabet blogging so fun..

  6. I can read this great, but can’t see the video. Somewhere there is a setting or something that has changed. I still need to take time to investigate this problem.

    I can see vids on youtube or if they are on a blogger site with the blogger logo on them.

    I will figure this out eventually–if I can ever wade thru the 1200 emails I’ve accrured.

  7. Great camera, we got one for Christmas, too cute!

  8. Flip is cool. My son has Flip and I’m flipping for it.

  9. delightsgal said:

    Hi Alexes 🙂 Thx for your comment on my mmb post. As for Flips…i think they are way cool! Glad that I found you over here…yeah for wordpress. So I’m having blogger issues now to. It won’t let me comment from my computer…i have to use my hubby’s. Anyways, I need to figure out how you’re putting images on your widgets. Looks good though, and the categories below is a nice touch. Enjoy St. george! luv, katrina

  10. Safari rocks (as does anything Apple)!! IE drives me nuts too.

    I’ve heard of the Flip. I have the chance to try out a Sony Bloggie too, so I’m planning to do a lot more vlogging in the days to come.

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