Being Zany and Crazy through video one VIDEO at a time! :)

*I decided to pull this one from MY drafts and PUBLISH it.* Yippee!

Confessions of a SAHM Mom/writer/baker/twitterer/blogger/vlogger

1. I am often in my PJ’s until noon or later.

2. I get so into the book that I am writing that I forget what time it is. Like last night, it was almost 7:00 PM and dinner hadn’t been served yet.

3. Snacks for my kiddos at times have been Cheetos. That’s semi healthy right?

4. Speaking of the above, one time for breakfast I had a handful of spicy cheetos and a Diet Dr. Pepper!

5. I just discovered the purpose of Twitter last week! I signed up about 6 months ago and didn’t get it. I do now, however.

6. I am a Vlog a holic. I LOVE to make video posts of myself and post them on my blog. Just started doing that Nov 13, 2009.

7. I am HTML challenged. Had to ask a good friend of mine to help me with my blog. She redesigned it with some of my favorite colors!

8. I like Facebook, but ever since I discovered Twitter it is definitely my NEW love!

9. I (heart) Emmett and Jacob from Twilight! I can’t get enough of their yummy bodies.

10. Last Confession I swear, If I had a blackberry I could Twitter while grocery shopping, at the movies, at a concert, and I’d do it too. That would be the COOLEST.

Anyway, Love the fact that you are giving away a blackberry! Hope I win! May the BEST Twitter and Blog addict win!


Comments on: "Confessions of a Writer/Blogger/Mother/Twitterer Addict" (1)

  1. Hubby has a blackberry and he’s only a teeny bit addicted. (*cough*)

    Here’s my confession. I’ve only been on Twitter once and found it completely confusing. My new website may force me to dive in though. We’ll see how long I can hold out! 😉

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