Being Zany and Crazy through video one VIDEO at a time! :)

Okay. I worked out yesterday for the first time since Decemberish. I was feeling quite good that I actually got on the treadmill. I turned on the TV to see who was on. I watched the end of Oprah. Then my all-time favorite show came on. I usually miss it for some reason. But not anymore. Look who Ellen had on her show just for me. (Well not exactly just for me but it felt like a celebration since I was working out.)

Just watch. (I still have more post after the video, if you are still around.) 😉

Who wouldn’t want to work out with these guys around?
Or get to dance blindfolded (or hop in their case) around these sexy men?
Ahh. I kicked it up a notch and instead of 3.5 MPH I walked 3.7 when they were on. It was like I was trying to walk to get to the Ellen show.

I just want to thank Ellen for the surprise. I mean, I have been procrastinating lately about exercising. I don’t know why.

I mean I feel GREAT after I work out. It’s just getting that butt in gear.

From now on, I will picture these guys when I run on the treadmill.

Total time on treadmill: Approx. 32 minutes.

It’s also Ellen’s birthday this week. I’m definitely going to stay tuned. Maybe there will be more HAWT men on the show…

So that was my surprise as I jumped on the treadmill yesterday. If I lived closer to Ellen, I’d hug her. Or at least buy her a drink. Cause man ALIVE, Ellen, you ROCK!


Comments on: "Hubba, hubba Is it getting HAWT in here or what?" (13)

  1. singedwingangel said:

    Pardon me while I wipe the drool from my chin… umm yeah wow..

  2. I suddenly find myself needing one of those little drool cups… O.oAlso, way to go with the treadmill! I would give you my excuses, but you might use them, and that's not what we want, right?? lol, I'm joking, but it's truly great to see you on the way to feeling better about yourself 😀

  3. Merrianne said:

    ha ha ha!!!! that is crasy!!andway to go on your treadmill!!!

  4. Wishful Nals said:

    ellen's awesome!

  5. L.T. Elliot said:

    I'd work out more too if that was in my living room. 😉

  6. Mom Mayhem says: said:

    Whoo those men were HAWT! I love Ellen too but seem to miss her show a lot too- Thanks for sharing and congrats on the treadmill!

  7. Live.Love.Eat said:

    Enjoying Tv while on the treadmill makes it to much easier and it goes by fast! I go on at lunchtime and usually watch Giada on the FN> Weird I know but it works 🙂

  8. they have so much fun on that show! I have no doubt! LOL!

  9. JamericanSpice said:

    Oemgee this was awesome funny! I laughed so hard! And seriously I'd totally be doing the blindfold hop to sit on those laps! Whooo!

  10. JamericanSpice said:

    Oh and congrats on your work out! Gosh my cheeks hurt from laughing!

  11. Hmmm, not sure I can keep it clean. I'll just say, Congrats on the workout!!! 🙂

  12. Aha! It's The Obnoxious SAHM said:

    wow (this is all i got)

  13. That was fabulous. Thanks for sharing. I only made about 5 minutes on the treadmill today. But, if you knew me, you'd know that was a major accomplishment. Now if I can just do it each day instead of one day a month.

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