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Six Word Saturday

UPDATE! The leak was found! Landlord came over and took some of the wall out and it revealed a leaky joint to a pipe. Plumber will be by MONDAY to fix it! Yeah! Thanks for all your concern! The leak was NOT caused by my animals, (cats) or by my children. *wipes forehead* WHEW! PLUS my carpet is almost dry! YEAH!

I hope my carpet dries quickly.

Insert explanation here: We found a wet spot on out carpet the other day that refuses to dry. It’s not coming from the wall, we don’t think, it might coming from underneath the carpet. Like the foundation? Any-hoo, it’s not spreading so that is good.

I just hope it’s not that big of a deal to fix.

This weekend I’m praying for DRY carpet. *crosses fingers*


Comments on: "Six Word Saturday" (11)

  1. L.T. Elliot said:

    I hope so too! There's not a bigger pain than a leak somewhere that you can't find!

  2. Get out the hair dryer!

  3. Kristina P. said:

    Uggg, that sucks!

  4. Curvy Jones said:

    "It's coming from inside the house…." Lol. Reminded me of that line from a horror film. Hope you find out what it is, though…

  5. Vodka Logic said:

    Do you have a pet?Good luck

  6. That is always a scary thing!

  7. I am sure that it couldn't POSSIBLY be a child… right?

  8. Insanitykim said:

    eek we had something like that and it was a leaky pipe in the wall…get it figured out soon to avoid black mold!!

  9. Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said:

    Oh, oh… no cats or dogs in the house?

  10. Triplets Plus Two Momma said:

    Good grief. It really is ALWAYS soemthing, isnt it?And I guess it could ALWAYS be worse. That's what I to tell myself when I am up to my ears in worry!Hope it all gets worked out soon 🙂

  11. Please, please, PLEASE make absolutely sure there is no mold growing before everything gets patched back up. I've seen way to many people poisoned by toxic mold – it's not a minor inconvenience, it's a major, major thing.And if there's a musty smell left over, don't just try and cover it up – it's telling you about a real problem. Do what you can to get it fixed, even if it means fixing it yourself.

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