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Yes, it’s that time again. It’s time for me to join Mama Kat’s writer’s workshop. Mainly because I didn’t really have a blog post regularly scheduled and I found something over there I thought I would try out.

This is to the first person who ever broke my heart. I believe I was about 16.

Dear Fred,* (Names have been changed to protect the innocent)

Why? I must ask you this question. Things were going so well for us. I remember even kissing you right before we broke up. And then, BAM, the break up. What was that all about anyway? I mean, you just HAD to get some lip action in before you broke it off with me?

Riiiiight. And then a couple of months later, I had you over for dinner. I mean you were like a family friend. Sweeeeet. Parents go to bed, and it’s you and me. We talk. I mean REALLY talk. It’s great. We talk about why we separated, and what was stopping us from getting back together. And then, you had to go. It was like 1:30 in the morning. (Yes, I didn’t really have any curfews, he didn’t either.) I walked you to your car. And lo, and behold, what happened again? You kissed me. Not just any old kiss, but we really kissed each other. After deciding we just weren’t cut out for each other, you kissed me.

I remember you said you were going to call me the next day.

I waited. and waited.

I don’t believe you ever called me again.

I think I might have tried to call you. But I never actually reached you.

We could have made something out of it.


Do you remember that night? I mean, I sure do. I dreamed about you for months after that last kiss. How could you forget me? Well I suppose we were not meant to be.
I hope you are happy now. If you could go back in time, would you do anything differently? I think I might.

Take care, my friend.

I just wanted to let you know I’m okay with everything. Have a good life.
(Seriously how do I sign off from this letter?)

P.S. Hope you are okay.
* Fred. Nope. Not going to tell you what his REAL name was. He could be out there. And if he happens to stumble across my blog…I don’t want to be embarrassed. Thanks for understanding. 🙂

And that’s my letter to my first love. Or what I would write him if I knew where he was right now. *SIGH*


Comments on: "Dear first boyfriend who very nearly broke my heart altogether," (20)

  1. singedwingangel said:

    Ahh man first love can be grand and bite at the same time… I have to do my thing I haven't chosen one yet lol.. you know me always procrastinating..

  2. Christine said:

    OH I LOVE IT!!! I chose the same topic this week. My 'guy' is a friend of f.b and in fact is a follower on my blog. I went as far as to email him the link!!! ROL….I told him to leave an anonymous comment. Will see… good job btw! :o)

  3. MoonNStarMommy said:

    Well … I had the boyfriend who broke up with me in the middle of a concert…. and the boyfriend (the one between my ex-husband and my current husband) that told me he wanted to start seeing other people right after having … well you can guess.. I mean, seriously … we were still laying there… it was bad, bad, bad…. LOLOLOLOLOL…

  4. The first man that broke your heart…how could he? I bet he's sorry know. I'm sure he thought you were the best kisser ever that's why he needed that one last kiss.

  5. Kristina P. said:

    Stupid boys!

  6. what an awesome way to tackle your old memories, uplifting, smart, and cool!beautiful post.

  7. Linda @ My Trendy Tykes said:

    Awww…..BOYS! Yucky boys! (at least that's what we tell my daughter.) haha

  8. Love it!My first boyfriend broke my heart too…but then I married…I'll get back to you on if that was a good idea or notJessica

  9. TheSingleGirl said:

    Boys are stupid. Throw rocks at them.: /

  10. Curvy Jones said:

    I loved this entry. It made me think about my first love. I thought about doing the same, but I might cry and I don't wanna cry.

  11. What a total jerk. That is how guys tend to get a bad wrap!

  12. L.T. Elliot said:

    I wonder. Could I write a letter to my first love? Sometimes I think some things are better left unsaid and especially so in my case. 😉

  13. tempted… but since I am writing my hubby and my love story, it would probably not be in the best interest to write this letter this week…

  14. I was tempted to do this prompt but there was too much I would have wanted to say…and I don't know that I would have wanted you all to read it!

  15. 3 Men and a Lady said:

    High school guys are such aholes, really. They ALL do that crap! I hope someone screwed with HIS mind, too.

  16. Lisa Anne said:

    I think I did that to an old boyfriend before. I feel bad now after reading this.

  17. Wowser yowser girl! You have gone gung ho into this blogging life! 16 comments?! I think you've found your niche. I'm so happy for you! And yeah, you're better off without Fred.

  18. Unknown Mami said:

    Fred's loss.

  19. I had a hard time with how you would sign a letter like that…but wow you were really nice! haha

  20. Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day, I greatly appreciate it, and now I'm here to spread the comment-love!By the way, you said I'd get a LOT of comments, I'm at 500 and counting!

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