Being Zany and Crazy through video one VIDEO at a time! :)

Just a few of the many pictures I took of the kids for Christmas pictures this year…:)

P.S. A little sidenote, I am still here. Yesterday I spent the day cleaning my kitchen preparing it for the baking extravaganza I will be doing today. I will be decorating a gingerbread house with my girls and decorating sugar cookies with frosting. I will be around, just lurking in the shadows on your blogs…I hope you are enjoying the season!!!!:)


Comments on: "Wordless Wednesday-Christmas Edition:)" (17)

  1. Lovely Photo's! :)Gingerbread House sounds like fun!! And yummy!! 😀

  2. Mass Hole Mommy said:

    Very cute pics!! Have a blast with the gingerbread house. That will be an awesome memory for you guys!

  3. Anne Bradshaw said:

    Congratulations, One Cluttered Brain, you're the winner of this week's give-away on my blog at Anne’s Place 🙂 Please go to my website contact page HERE and send me your shipping address, which I can forward to George Dyer who will mail you the prize.Thanks for taking part. Enjoy!

  4. Geezees Custom Canvas Art said:

    Fun photo!

  5. Cute pictures! Have fun baking!

  6. Hey, and you won something, too!!Have fun with the gingerbread house. I ADORE gingerbread!

  7. Little cuties. I did the Gingerbread decorating last Friday with my boys. It is so much fun.Come by my place I have some blink for you.

  8. HA! Ya get what you get! Happy baking…..enjoy.

  9. HA! Ya get what you get! Happy baking…..enjoy.

  10. Kristina P. said:


  11. You cleaned? You are my hero! Congrats on winning at Anne's blog!

  12. Cute pics of the girls !! And glad to hear you got some cleaning done, just in time to do some more after all the baking. At least this go around will be worth it right??

  13. Stephanie Stearns Dulli said:

    Pictures like these are why I want a sibling for mine! So much fun!

  14. Triplets Plus Two Momma said:

    garsh dangit…more talk about the baking….now I need another cookie!Have a super fun day with your little elves.

  15. Unknown Mami said:

    Enjoy the baking Extravaganza with those cuties!

  16. Vodka Logic said:

    Very cute.. I just spent an amazing amount of money and hope to start my extraveganza tomorrow

  17. L.T. Elliot said:

    How darling is that? Have a great time doing gingerbread houses. What a good mommy!

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