Being Zany and Crazy through video one VIDEO at a time! :)

Please excuse the mess around here. I just finished a novel or something like that.
I’ll clean up later. Take a look where my mind has taken me now—

P.S. And i still don’t get how to make that collage…..***Anger fuming***
I’ll just focus on breathing while U read my snarky sticky notes…
Don’t ya just LOVE the word snarky? I do.:)))

Psst. Hey Blogger People, Abby is my main character in my novel. Just wanted to clarify. Yeah, I didn’t believe it either, but she totally helped me finish my novel. She is DA BOMB!!


Comments on: "Supersticky NOTES are BACK!!!! YEAH!" (26)

  1. Congrats on finishing your novel!

  2. Congrats on finishing your novel

  3. Vodka Logic said:

    Neener neener… I love being 12, congratulations on your book

  4. Jenn@ The Crazies said:

    Congrads on finishing the book!! Way to go!!!

  5. Triplets Plus Two Momma said:

    I need an economy size of sticky notes! haha!Love it. Will give it a try.BTW–there must be some HTML dork that can help us with buttons and pages and stuff….Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? (Is that how you spell Bueller?)

  6. Good for you finishing your book! I have one from the libaray, but haven't started. If I start I will not be worth a thing and I have much to do! Understand completely!

  7. The Princess of Sarcasm said:

    Burger King…..LOL

  8. Celebrating at Burger King…my kinda gal!

  9. Congrats on your novel! I can't believe Christmas is right around the corner-ahhh!!!

  10. I'll take BK over filet any day. FTW.Congrats!

  11. I think you need a nap.And a maid.And heck, why not Super Nanny while we're at it? She's gotta have some potty-training skills in there somewhere…Yay for finished novels and Abby!

  12. Lee the Hot Flash Queen said:

    Congrats!!!! I know that must feel awesome!! Well, I don't know because I didn't do it, but I imagine!

  13. Working Mommy said:

    YAY for post-its!! Congrats on finishing the novel!~Working MommyCome on by, stay for a while and leave a comment or two!!

  14. Kristina P. said:

    Congrats! And my extra pounds need to come off too. 😦

  15. Congrats on your novel…that's so excitingGlad to have you back and half sane…lol

  16. ConGRATS on the novel (standing to applaude…) I mean WOW! good for you!Love the post its!Hilarious!Tami G

  17. Deb Thaxton said:

    –>Congrats on finishing the novel. There is no way I would have been able to do it.

  18. First of all… what do you mean by collage??? And secondly what kind of button do you want??? I might be able to help… maybe. I still need to design a button for mine!Love sticky TUESDAYS!!!

  19. Confessions From A Working Mom said:

    Congrats on reaching your goals… despite some technological roadblocks, it sounds!I could have written the same note to my house… I don't think I've cleaned a single bathroom since (gulp) October.~Elizabeth

  20. Together We Save said:

    I love these sticky notes!! This is so cool.

  21. blueviolet said:

    Congratulations on meeting NaNo. I'm in awe of you and anyone else who could do it!!

  22. MormonSurrogate said:

    Congratulations that is awesome!I've got a few pounds too.. but they were from before Thanksgiving. Today was my first day back on track.I too am looking for my mind…We actually got the tree up and decorated Sunday night. We skipped it all last year.

  23. Linda @ My Trendy Tykes said:

    Can your extra pounds have a talk with my extra pounds??They won't go away on their own.

  24. I need to meet up with the treadmill again as well. It would be great to find the time/courage to do so! Good luck with your treadmill challenge. 🙂

  25. lemonologie said:

    Congrats on your novel!Thank you for visiting me on my SITS day and for your sweet comments.I'm not a professional writer – just a hobby. I've toyed with the idea, but just don't seem to have the discipline!

  26. I talk to my extra pounds almost daily. They talk back and actually multiply. Craziest thing those extra pounds.

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