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Totally Positive Friday!

A Daily dose of Toni has decided that there is too much negative in the world today and we need to be positive for at least one day. I agree. She decided to kick off her Fridays with Positive Friday! And since she LOVES to vlog, (I do too) I couldn’t resist and I decided to join in again this week.
It’s five minutes and 25 seconds this time. Not too bad, really. So without further ado, Here is my vlog for this week!

Stay tuned for Monday ’cause that’s when I do Monday Mingle. And this week my husband is joining me. :))

P.S. I think the bite I took of the pie was a wee bit too big. Ahh well! It was delicious!!

P.P.S. Still doing Nano. 29,000 words and still going…:)


Comments on: "Totally Positive Friday!" (10)

  1. singedwingangel said:

    Love the Vlog and my most favorite pie in the world is southern Pecan OH mY GoOOdnessssss… yeah that stuff right there when made right ooooooo so good make ya tongue slap ya brains outta ya head trying to find more…

  2. DaveandRuth said:

    It is good to be grateful!

  3. Lee the Hot Flash Queen said:

    Great Vlog and that pie eating is so funny!!

  4. That was some good pie….I don't remember last time I had a good Pecan Pie….thanks for that image I am craving a pie right now.Our Thanksgiving is gone, long gone. Maybe I should celebrate another one. I live only 20 minutes from the border and now I have many U.S. blogging buddies so I can call it Solidarity Thnaksgiving…

  5. I am so hungry for pecan pie now!! This will be my first Thanksgiving not happening in the south, and I am going to miss the pecan pie!I'm still not sure that I get twitter… kind of confuses me and makes me feel old :)I'm glad that I found you and follow you! :)Happy Friday, weekend, and Thanksgiving to you too!

  6. LOL!!! You crack me up!! That pie did look good but maybe you need to hold the pie or anything else you show up close to the webcam, hold it still so the camera can focus in on it. Just an FYI. And thank you for mentioning me AGAIN!! Wow. I think it's time to repay the favor, huh!! I better get busy on it. And that bite of pie… I still can't stop laughing!!

  7. WTG on nano!

  8. I love your big bite of pecan pie! You reminded me that I'm hungry!Comments and blogging friends make me super happy, too.And I have those same clear cups. Cool!

  9. Dorkys Ramos said:

    What a sweet, thankful vlog! Maybe you could just play this during dinner on Thursday and be done with it!

  10. The Redhead Riter said:

    LOVED the vlog…LOL…yeah, your bite was too big, but that cracked me up so THANK YOU!To answer your question on my blog, yes, I did reveal my name and someone did guess it…♥

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