Being Zany and Crazy through video one VIDEO at a time! :)

I didn’t want to do this. Several of you bloggers have already done this post. But I must get it out of my system. They say writing is good for the soul, right? Well, Okay here I go.

1. Please TURN off your word verification. It’s under Comment Moderation or something like that. Do you know how annoying it is when you comment on the 500th blog and word verification is on? **The BIG Bloggers** don’t use it, you don’t have to either.

2. Enable your email. When you leave a comment on my blog, I LOVE to email at you back. I can’t if it says: Grrr, I am really beginning to hate those words. I usually notice these words AFTER I have typed up a reply to you. Then I moan and groan and sigh a lot. It’s not pretty. If you have trouble doing it, I’ll be happy to talk you through it. Heck, I’ll even Skype you through the problem. Just make sure email is there..PULLLLEEESE!

3. It must be said that Mommy is in the Bathroom is SOO frickin hilarious!! I love it! She skyped with Supah and it was hilarious! Go check it out NOW!

(Well wait until I am least done. OK?)

4. I think I am done ranting about the blogger/word verification/enable email crap. Turn it off, make sure a valid email is there. It makes me getting back to you a WHOLE LOT easier.

5. I’m still Nano *ing* but getting distracted. Would you people STOP being so funny so I can write already? Geez.

Enough said. Now let me get a funny pic for this post. ‘Cause I hate all that complaining that was on here before. But I mean it, please adjust your blog NOW. Don’t make me look you up…I’ll sick my dog on you.

(HA! Wait a minute I don’t have a dog, only cats with claws.) EVEN WORSE. 🙂

**Thanks to Google for the image** Maxine is a riot isn’t she?

**Big Bloggers** In my book of good bloggers, they are Supah AND Chiefy AND Mommy is in the bathroom.

If they can turn word verification OFF and enable their email anybody can do it. And there is ALWAYS the delete key. It is YOUR blog after all. 🙂

PS. Thank you Chief for the blog gift. As soon as I figure out HOW to get it in my sidebar I’ll put it there.


Comments on: "I think I almost peed my pants over this one….But first some business to take care of." (20)

  1. I loathe word verification. I blog a lot from my Iphone and if someone has word verification then oh well, they don't get a comment.

  2. singedwingangel said:

    My verification is off and I have email on lol.. I have yet to visit mommy is in the batroom but am going today roflmbo I mean BATHROOM not many women are gonna hang out in a bat room no matter how many kids we got … Have a great day hun

  3. Lee the Hot Flash Queen said:

    Well, you know my feelings about this already!

  4. Okay, okay, my word verification is going off as we speak! Or write. E-mail is on, as you well know. Keep writing! I can't wait to read in critique!

  5. DaveandRuth said:

    I have no idea if my word verification is on. I always comment from my blogger account, but do not know if my email address is part of it. Have a good day!

  6. MormonSurrogate said:

    Thanks for the tips.. I'm still new to all this… but starting to get the hang of things. I'm not sure if I have the e-mail thing on though?I will have to check out those blogs.P.S. Giveaway is now underway.P.P.S. Can't wait to Skype at ya L8er!P.P.P.S. Love ya!P.P.P.P.S. You rock!

  7. Martinis or Diaper Genies? said:

    woohoo! I'm with you

  8. Martinis or Diaper Genies? said:

    But you do have music as we discussed…

  9. Kristina P. said:

    I agree! I don't have word verification, I get a lot of comments, and I rarely have spam. Can't remember the last time, actually.

  10. Word verification is ridiculous……I haven't had spam in months. If you are really concerned about spam you can enable comment modification (where you look at each comment and decide if you want to publish it) once you do that, there is no need for word verification. /rantI love love love MITB and Suppah!

  11. I do not like the word verification either! I'm going to go and visit MITB and suppah! I've nnever visited them before!

  12. Mass Hole Mommy said:

    Well said, oh wise one….

  13. **CLAP, CLAP*** I have word verification too!!! And I'm pretty sure my email is on. Glad to see you get distracted too!!

  14. Grand Pooba said:

    Hey, the blog advice cannot be said enough! Big pet peeves of mine too! (another one is when they have music automatically playing when you go to their blog. I blog on mute. Crap, I didn't even check to see if you have music. Oops, sorry if you hate me now.)

  15. Together We Save said:

    I will try and turn off my word verification and I have no iedea about the email thing. I am very non techy!!

  16. True so very true. It's amazing how many bloggers still use the verification.

  17. I was actually just thinking of ditching the word verification, it slows so much down. Nice tunes on your blog, btw! thanks for checking out my blog today!

  18. HeartsMakeFamilies said:

    Great post. I know lots have done it but it is so worth repeating.

  19. JamericanSpice said:

    I despise the word verification! Why on earth would I want to put anyone through that when they choose to visit my blog! ugh. Can you say it again??! I thought I was the only one who thought like that about the stupid thing! Oh goodness! #2 is spot on!!!!

  20. thank you. Good reminders… I had to read the verification advice like 5 times before I got around to taking care of it. I don't notice more comments, but I also appreciate not having to type in fake, confusing words!

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